UNT to Exterminate 18-Year-Old Bee Hive

Mar 11, 2011 Comments Off on UNT to Exterminate 18-Year-Old Bee Hive

UNT to Exterminate 18-Year-Old Bee Hive: MyFoxDFW.com DENTON, Texas - The University of North Texas is hoping to get rid of a bee colony that formed inside the walls of a building on campus 18 years ago. Campus officials believe…

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New Zombie-Creating Fungi Discovered (VIDEO)

Mar 4, 2011 Comments Off on New Zombie-Creating Fungi Discovered (VIDEO)

This is surreal. Four new species of the zombifying fungi, members of the Ophiocordyceps (or just Cordyceps) genus have apparently been discovered. These fungi are the sworn enemy of tropical ants and other insects, infecting them and causing their unusual…

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