Why some people are mosquito magnets

By Cari Nierenberg Some folks seem to be magnets for mosquitoes, while others rarely get bitten. What makes the little buggers single you out and not the guy or gal you’re standing next to at the Memorial Day backyard barbecue? The two most...

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Mosquito Repelling Plants

Those small, annoying creatures, mosquitoes, have always made us run helter-skelter because they are thought to be carriers of diseases from person to person, animal to animal and from human to animals. How true it is that in Africa alone...

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Biting and Stinging Pest

Insects in The City Biting and stinging pests bed bugs wasps black widow bees Biting “bugs” scorpions Some insects and arthropods bite and others sting. Bites occur when an insect uses its jaws to inflict pain and sometimes injects a venom. In...

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