Fort Worth is home to many rich and diverse experiences and attractions. One of the most exciting places to visit is the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, a modern museum dedicated to inspiring curiosity in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). This is a place you’d want to take your child to get them started on their journey to a lifelong love of science and discovery. A great place also to visit.

The Museum features more than 50 interactive exhibits that explore a variety of topics from evolution and energy to robotics, 3D printing and the human brain. Kids can practice problem-solving skills, explore the world of science through live demonstrations and get their hands on some amazing technology. There are also educational programs and classes offered to adults and children, dealing with everything from astronomy to robotics.

At the museum, your kids will explore dynamic exhibits and scientific artifacts. They’ll marvel at fascinating displays showcasing energy sources, fossils, robots, and so much more! The museum also has interactive activities that let kids learn hands-on about exciting topics like engineering principles and space exploration. With interactive learning and engaging activities, kids will be eager to come back for more.

The museum also offers educational programs like story time and innovative classes. They even have special events that are perfect for families looking to spend a day together discovering something new. The museum’s goal is to create an environment that encourages exploration and creativity so that everyone can benefit from a visit.

Aside from the learning opportunities and activities, the museum also has a gift shop where you can find unique gifts for your little scientist. From dinosaur toys to STEAM-related merchandise, there’s something for everyone here! Furthermore, you can book an event here, be it a birthday party or a meeting. And don’t forget to pass by the Stars cafe, where you can get some delicious snacks to refuel after a long day of learning. Click for more.

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is the perfect place to put science into action! Whether it’s for your family or for yourself, this museum has something special in store for everyone.