Let Buzz Kill Pest Control Rodent-Proof Your Structure!

Let Buzz Kill Pest Control Rodent-Proof Your Structure!

If you’ve already performed rodent control to get rid of your rats and mice, your next step is to keep them out with the help of rodent exclusion from Buzz Kill Pest Control. Rodents are usually a seasonal problem in Texas, so there is always time for your home or business to get prepared and prevent the dangers that these small creatures bring to your structure.

What is Rodent Exclusion?

Our rodent exclusion services help you to reduce the conditions in your home or business that could attract rodents in the first place. Our technicians will come to your property, inspect the perimeter, and help you come up with a plan to eliminate the possibility of further infestations.

Why You Need Our Help!

It’s a fact, pest control is our livelihood! We know how these critters think and we can quickly determine what you need to do to keep them out. Failing to implement rodent exclusion on a property can result in problems that can get out of hand, fast.

Rodents Running Free Within a Home Can:

  • Create potential health hazards
  • Damage your electrical wiring
  • Chew through PVC pipes
  • Damage your air-conditioning ducts
  • Eat up stored items in spaces like an attic or basement

The possibilities for damage from rodents seem endless, but with the help of Buzz Kill, you can take every step possible to keep rodents out!

Elimination of Entry Points

We know where rats and mice can make their way into your home. That’s why our first step in exclusion is to seal up possible entry points. Even holes as small as a dime can be viewed as an open invitation to your home.

Our experts will examine the interior and exterior of your property and ensure that any possible entryways are filled, blocked, and eliminated.

Ditch Food and Water Invitations

Rodents get hungry outside, and the availability of food in your home is one of the main reasons why they get in. Our primary goal with this step in rodent exclusion is to examine the state of your storage spaces. Dirty cupboards and exposed food are begging to be nibbled on by an unwelcome pest.
Let us help you keep your food supply airtight against rodents that may drop in for a snack and take residence in your storage space.

Remove Visible Nesting Areas

Getting rid of nesting areas can be difficult because rodents like rats tend to make their homes inside of your walls. However, what you can prevent is the presence of clutter and open items that are an easy place for a rodent to use as a nest.

Our experts will help you understand what types of items are a risk and how you can properly store them in order to save your personal property as well as close off these items to rodents.

Get a Head Start on Rodent Control With Exclusion Services from Buzz Kill!

Even if your home is currently infested, Buzz Kill Pest Control can help you! We will gladly come to your property, inspect, decontaminate, and perform rodent control services that leave your home pest-free.

Don’t house another rodent on our watch! Contact us today to learn more about our rodent exclusion services in your area.

Signs of rodents:

signs of rodent in your attic
Signs of rodents
Signs of rodents in your home


Signs of rodents on roof
Rodent repair on roof
Rodent caused damage on roof
Let Us Evict Your Critters Today.

Buzz Kill Pest Control also offers full attic remediation to heavily contaminated attic spaces removing and replacing Insulation.

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