UNT to Exterminate 18-Year-Old Bee Hive

UNT to Exterminate 18-Year-Old Bee Hive: MyFoxDFW.com

DENTON, Texas – The University of North Texas is hoping to get rid of a bee colony that formed inside the walls of a building on campus 18 years ago.

Campus officials believe the bees first made their home inside the north wall of the radio TV film building in 1993.

“The bees fly in. They fly around and just a little bit. They’ll land on the building. They’ll walk up and down on the expansion joint very slowly. They’ll do their little bee dance,” said Lynda Hutson, the UNT facilities coordinator.

They haven’t been a problem until about three weeks ago. That’s when campus officials believe a second group of more aggressive bees moved in.

“They zip in and zip out very aggressive. There’s no flying around. There’s no landing on the building doing the bee dance,” Hutson said.

Now the bees are a potential stinging problem for passing students and that means certain doom for a hive that could be the oldest and largest in North Texas.

An estimated 4 million bees live in the hive that could be up to 100 feet long. Killing them would wipe out about half the bee population in the city of Denton.

“It’s not an easy decision. It’s not something we take lightly. We value them greatly. We understand their importance to the community,” Hutson said.

UNT freshman Jake McCready has class in the building and he’s allergic to bees. He doesn’t want to be stung anymore than the next guy. But he thinks the university’s plan to exterminate the bees is just plain wrong.

“I would like to see the bees moved. I’ve talked to a bunch of people who say it’s possible they can do it. They’re gonna take this inside wall out anyway so why not try and save the bees,” McCready said.

Unfortunately campus officials don’t believe they can move the bees. To do so they would need to find the queen or queens buried inside the walls.

*Story provided by Brandon Todd FOX 4 News link to entire story –http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/031011-unt-to-exterminate-18-year-old-bee-hive

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