Pest Control Company

Are you looking for a quality pest control service near North Richland Hills? Look no further than Buzz Kill Pest Control. Since 2008, we have offered practical pest control strategies to keep your home or business safe, no matter the pest. We offer service plans tailored to specialized or general treatments, including rodent control, termite control, mosquito control, bed bug extermination, and more with free in-depth inspections to identify areas where common pests may be entering your home or business and annual check-ups to ensure they do not return. You name the bothersome pest, and we can treat your property for it.

Pest Inspection

Pests charge interest with the damage they cause on both your home and business. They can weaken the structure and eat the food in your property which will require repairs or restocking in addition to pest removal. Ants usually invade anywhere where there is food. Termites can eat through the siding and supports of your home. Rodents will chew through wiring and potentially cause fires. Roaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, wasps, and spiders represent significant health risks. Altogether, they will make life unbearable and attract even more pests with more detrimental effects. The longer you wait, the longer you run the risk of a severe health issue occurring. With Buzz Kill, you can find peace of mind that these tiny invaders do not return.

Local Pest Control

With over 30 years of combined experience, the Buzz Kill Pest Control technician team has long studied the art of pest control for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are licensed yearly on the latest standards and practices, so they have the experience and know-how to offer a comprehensive solution that uses low-impact and green chemicals to curb current pest activity. We have locations across the North Texas metroplex, including Dallas, Fort Worth and North Richland Hills, which means we can resolve any pest issues, anywhere, any time. When Buzz Kill joins your team, the party for insects, arachnids and rodents is over.

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