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Termite Control Fort Worth TX

Looking for Termite Pest Control Near Me?

termite control fort worth

It is always best to call in professionals regarding termite pest control. Despite their small stature, termites can cause a lot of property damage if untreated early on. Not only will they eat the structure of your home or business, but once they’re inside, they can damage insulation, sheetrock, books and other items made of cellulose.

If you need a Fort Worth pest control company that specializes in termite control, you need Buzz Kill Pest Control. We have over 30 years of experience, and our reputation as a quality pest control and exterminator business has only grown with plans and products like Termidor HE Termiticide or Trelona Compressed Termite Bait targeting termites. Contact us today if you need to treat, bait or exterminate any termite threat to your home or business.

What Are the Termite Infestation Signs to Look For?

If you suspect a termite infestation, there are several signs to watch out for. Some of the surefire signs of a problem include seeing winged termites swarming around your home, finding mud tubes near your foundation or interior, prominent wood damage and uneven paint. Termite colonies use mud tubes as their superhighways into your home, carving a direct path to their buffet table.

Our Termite Treatment Works For All Homes and Commercial Properties

Termites will not wait for construction to finish before attacking a building; they will attack when they smell wood in the ground. Working on a construction project? For commercial customers, termite prevention provides an invaluable service to protect your investment. Buzz Kills provides termite inspection and extermination services for any residential & commercial structure in the pre-construction or post-construction phase.

termite exterminator fort worth

Our termite baiting systems are often installed in the ground right after construction begins. These termite bait stations contain termite bait within them. When they eat the bait, they die. We also use Trelona Compressed Termite Bait for post-construction termite protection to ward termites off your property.

The Best Form of Termite Prevention Is New and Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

We offer two highly effective termite treatment options for both pre-construction and new construction projects. Our termite pre-construction treatment involves creating a barrier around the foundation of a building site to prevent termite infestations before construction begins. This treatment involves applying liquid termiticide to the soil, which acts as a protective barrier against termites. 

To provide proactive protection against termites, several measures can be taken. Treating the layer of soil beneath a home or business with termiticide is one approach. Additionally, installing a particle barrier made from sand or basaltic rock can help reduce termite access. Incorporating stainless steel mesh barriers or termite shields around the foundation, slab, crawlspace, basement areas, and utility openings can further block potential entry points. Finally, installing termite bait and monitoring systems can help track and detect termite activity. These combined measures offer comprehensive protection against termites.

On the other hand, our termite new construction treatment is specially designed for buildings that have already been constructed. This treatment involves applying liquid termiticide to the soil around the perimeter of the building, effectively creating a barrier that prevents termites from entering and causing damage. With our expertise in termite control, we ensure that both pre-construction and new construction projects are protected against the destructive nature of termites.

We Have Some Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Tips

While you will need a professional termite pest control company to install baits and apply products to the soil or wood to keep any investment safe, there are still some things you can do to prevent future infestations from any properties currently planned. Here’s how:

  • Clear the building site of all stumps, roots, wood and similar materials before you start construction.
  • Remove all form boards and grade stakes used in construction to avoid potential pests.
  • Make no contact between the building woodwork and the soil or fill. Exterior woodwork should be 6 inches above the ground at a minimum. Beams in crawl spaces should be at least 18 inches above the ground for future inspections.
  • Any plants or irrigation should stay two feet away from the foundation.
  • Thorough annual inspections can find wood damage or termite activity.
  • Fence posts, poles, and general foundation structures should be commercially pressure-treated and not touch another structure.

We Are Your Local Termite Exterminator In Fort Worth

Buzz Kill Pest Control technicians know how to manage any termite problem. Pour pest control experts have been providing termite pest control services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2008. With locations spread over the metropolitan, our pest control professionals can take care of your termite problem no matter where you live or work.

Our advanced treatment options can handle termites and more common pest issues. Should you have any questions about our termite extermination services, pest control plans or are worried that you might have a termite infestation, don’t wait. Call Buzz Kill today for a free inspection and estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control

Are termites a problem in Fort Worth, Texas?
Termites are a problem in Fort Worth and are active year-round.
Is having termite protection worth it in Texas?
Termite protection in Texas is absolutely worth it. Treatment costs are pennies to the dollar compared to the cost of your home or business.
What helps to keep termites away?
A termite treatment helps keep termites away from your home. You can also reduce conducive areas around your home to prevent them, but it doesn’t always work as effectively as proper treatment. Here are some tips for reducing conducive areas around your home:

1. Store Wood Away from Your Home
Termites are attracted to wood, so any wooden structure(s) close to your home can be an open invitation for them. To prevent a termite infestation, please store firewood stacks, old furniture, and untreated lumber away from your home. Ideally, keep them at least 5 feet away from your house and 5 inches off the ground (the further, the better). Also, avoid stacking wood against your home’s exterior walls, your foundation, or inside your garage, as this can provide a direct pathway for termites to enter your home. If you have any old furniture or wooden structures you no longer use, consider removing them or keeping them as far away from your home as possible.

2. Mitigate Moisture Levels
Termites also love damp environments, so keeping moisture in and around your property under control is critical. Ensure your gutters and downspouts are in good condition and direct water away from your home’s foundation. Regularly check for leaks or standing water near the base of your home or crawl space, and fix them promptly to prevent the perfect environment for termites to thrive. Good ventilation prevents moisture buildup in the attic, basement, or crawl space.

3. Seal Any Cracks or Holes in Your Home’s Exterior
Termites can quickly enter your home through cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. Seal any openings in your foundation, walls, and roof to prevent this. You can use silicone-based caulk and a variety of other products. Check your home’s exterior regularly to identify any new cracks or holes that need sealing.

4. Avoid Excessive Use of Mulch.
Mulch can help retain moisture in your garden, but it can also attract termites. Avoid using excessive amounts of mulch around your home’s foundation, as this can create a moist environment attractive to termites. If you must use mulch, keep it at least 5ft away from your home’s foundation (just like any other wood material).

5. Schedule Regular Termite Inspections.
Regular termite inspections can help you detect any termite activity in your home before it becomes a significant problem. Consider scheduling a professional termite inspection every year or two to ensure your home is termite-free. A pest control expert can identify any signs of termite activity and recommend preventative measures to protect your home from damage and future infestations.

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