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Mosquito Control Southlake TX

Best Mosquito Control

mosquito control southlake

Buzz Kill tries to show no bias. But mosquitos quite probably rank as the most annoying pest on earth. Human activity will inevitably attract these vampiric insects during the summer and the resulting bites and bumps last days and itch without stopping.

If you’re looking for the best mosquito control in Southlake, TX, look no further than Buzz Kill Pest Control. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses in North Texas rid themselves of these aggravating pests, along with ants, termites, wasps and more. We offer tailored pest control services for residential and commercial customers in need of mosquito misting, sprays and trapping plans.

In2care Mosquito Trap

Getting rid of mosquitoes with mosquito traps is an excellent way to keep your Southlake backyard mosquito-free and it is considered a green, environmentally friendly product.

The In2Care Mosquito Trap lures and contaminates Aedes mosquitoes with a special slow-killing larvicide. Once infected, these mosquitoes will spread to other hard-to-find breeding sites so that mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the trap but also in its vicinity. This is combined with a biological adulticide that kills the contaminated mosquito after a few days to prevent her from transmitting any viruses like Dengue or Zika virus. In this way, the product kills the mosquitoes and their offspring, so that populations are reduced and disease transmission risks are lowered significantly.

Mosquito trapping is one of our most popular services We professionally install In2Care Mosquito Traps for residential and commercial mosquito population control at Buzz Kill. Our mosquito traps are a natural way to rid your backyard of these pesky insects while reducing environmental impact. Mosquitoes in the backyard can reduce outdoor activity; let us help you get that activity back to where you can enjoy your yard.

Mosquito Misting System

in2care mosquito trap southlake

Are you looking for a mosquito misting system for your home or business? Do you have a backyard oasis that you love to spend time in during the summer? Is your business near a green space with standing water?

Every mosquito bite is a potential way for mosquito-borne illnesses to enter your body. When you are at home or in an enclosed environment, it only makes sense that a mosquito misting system can help make sure you don’t get any bites.

Make sure mosquitoes stay away from your paradise. At Buzz Kill, we offer mosquito misting systems to homeowners and businesses in Southlake and across the metroplex. Our misters are reliable and easy to use, and they’ll help keep mosquitoes away from your property. Give us a call today to learn more about our mosquito misting systems or schedule a free consultation.

Wondering How To Treat Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes can be a huge problem for homeowners and businesses with sprawling backyards. Standing water, shaded areas and low-lying spots are natural habitats for these nuisance bugs because their eggs require humidity. These areas become havens for insects and hellacious for residents without mosquito control systems.

Bug bites usually cause skin inflammation that is red, raised and very itchy. Excessively scratching this bite risks infection as well. Luckily we have some remedies that will help provide temporary relief:

  • Apply a cold wet compress to the area to ease discomfort.
  • Apply anti-itch creams such as Calamine as needed to help prevent scratching.
  • Use anti-inflammatory creams like cortisone to ease the inflammation

  • For severe reactions or multiple bug bites sleep-inducing antihistamines like Benadryl work wonders.
  • For antihistamines with fewer sedative properties, Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec might offer more relief.
  • Consult your child’s pediatrician about which products are safe and what dosage they will need.

We also have some preventive measures to reduce the risks from scratching. This includes keeping fingernails cut short to prevent scratching, wearing long pants and long sleeves—if temperature permits—and installing window screens and using insect repellent.

Backyard Mosquito Control Systems

Do mosquito control systems work? If you want to enjoy your backyard in Southlake, TX, again, the answer should be yes. Buzz Kill Pest Control technicians take the challenge seriously: we will ensure your garden or backyard is yours again this mosquito season. With Buzz Kill, mosquito control is easy and affordable and peace of mind in sight.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for mosquito control in your yard or to ask any questions you may have about our services.

Commonly Asked Questions About Mosquito Control

How do I get rid of mosquitoes in Southlake?
Eliminate breeding sites.
As long as you have places for them to play hide and seek, mosquitoes won’t want to leave. One of the most effective ways to reduce mosquito populations in your yard is to eliminate their breeding sites. Mosquitoes require standing water to lay their eggs and complete their life cycle. Here’s how to reduce their breeding sites:

-Remove standing water: Inspect your yard for buckets, flower pots, bird baths, or other objects that collect and hold rainwater. Empty them and store them away from the elements.
-Maintain gutters: Clogged gutters and drains trap water, providing an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes. Keep your gutters clean and ensure proper drainage.
-Repair leaks ASAP: Fix leaks, dripping outdoor faucets, or broken sprinkler heads as soon as possible to avoid puddles on your landscape. Remember, mosquitoes can lay their eggs in the tiniest water sources – as small as a bottle cap.
-Refresh outdoor water features: If you have ornamental water features like bird baths or fountains, clean and replace the water several times weekly. Similarly, replace the water in outdoor pet bowls daily. Also, consider adding Mosquito Dunk’s tablets to your water features to prevent larvae development.
-Maintain swimming pools: A well-maintained and properly chlorinated swimming pool prevents mosquitoes from breeding in the water.
-Cover containers: Use lids or covers for rain barrels and outdoor trash cans.
-Fill tree holes and voids: Some tree species have cavities that hold water. Fill these voids or opt for professional tree removal services to eliminate mosquito breeding sites from your property.
-Reduce resting sites by thinning out bushes and shrubs, eliminating leaf litter, and maintaining your lawn.

Is it worth spraying your yard for mosquitoes?
Spraying for mosquitoes is worth it to reduce the pressure and prevent bites.
What month do mosquitoes go away in Southlake?
Typically, the number of mosquitoes will reduce starting in December.
What is the most effective mosquito control?
The most effective mosquito control is automated mosquito misting systems, then leveraging a 2 part treatment reducing breeding and spraying for adults. Finally, you can spray your yard every 21-30 days to reduce the pressure.
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