Located at 1701 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102, the Cutting Edge Haunted House is the largest haunted attraction in the United States. The Guinness World Records named this haunted attraction the “World’s Largest.” During its opening night in 2009, the Guinness team received over 500,000 people and deemed it the “World’s Largest” haunted attraction. Next article

A 100-year-old meat packing plant in the Hell’s Half Acre district of Fort Worth, Cutting Edge Haunted House is one of the largest haunted houses in Texas. Inside, a two-story area is set up as a grisly and horrifying experience. The first level is home to realistic human mannequins that are hoisted to the second floor. In the second floor, a conveyor belt pulls the butchered corpses back down to the first floor. The whole process is completely realistic, and features some great special effects.

The Cutting Edge Haunted House is located in an abandoned meat packing plant. It has old meat-packing equipment that can be used to process humans. When a guest enters the second level, realistic mannequins are hoisted to the second level and taken through a grisly processing line. Once they reach the bottom floor, they emerge as butchered corpses. The layout of the cutting edge changes each year, so it is impossible to say exactly what the layout will be. In any case, you can expect to spend one to two hours there, which is more than enough time for the haunting experience.

The Cutting Edge Haunted House is a truly unique and terrifying experience. Located in a 100-year-old meat packing plant, this attraction has a multi-level structure with chilling props and a spooky atmosphere. During your 55-minute journey, you’ll see real-life mannequins that look like the living, breathing human. Among the scariest parts of the Cutting Edge Haunted House is the human processing area where the corpses are butchered.

It’s open all year, but it is also open on the Friday after Halloween. On October 13 and Halloween, the Cutting Edge Haunted House will have live actors and special effects to frighten guests. The attraction is also considered the nation’s largest haunted house and holds two Guinness World Records for its multi-theme interiors. A multi-level building means the thrills of the attraction are endless, which is why it’s not a good idea to take the kids without you.

The cutting edge Haunted House is an incredible attraction that takes an average of 55 minutes to walk through. It is one of the largest and scariest haunted houses in the country. Visitors will be terrified by the realistic creatures and scenes inside the complex, which are created in a real-life setting. Whether you’re looking for a scary house for kids or an extreme thrill, the cutting edge is worth a visit.

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