Dallas Fort Worth Termite Prevention Tips!

Buzz Kill Pest Control, LLC has some great tips and information on how to prevent termites in both post-construction and pre-construction phases of building.

Post-Construction Termite Prevention Tips:

  1. Avoid water accumulation near the foundation of your structure.
  2. Divert water away with properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.
  3. Make sure the structure is properly ventilated, including the attic and internal crawl spaces.
  4. Identify and fix all water leaks in your home, both internal and external
  5. Remove any brush or heavy growth around your home.
  6. Never bury wood scraps or waste lumber in your yard.
  7. Store all firewood and excess building material away from the structure
  8. Most importantly, eliminate wood contact with the soil by maintaining at least a one-inch gap between the soil and wood portions of the building

Pre-Construction Termite Prevention Tips:

  1. Clean building site of all stumps, roots, wood and similar materials before you start construction.
  2. Remove all form boards and grade stakes used in construction.
  3. There should be no contact between the building woodwork and the soil or fill. Exterior woodwork should be located a minimum of 6 inches above the ground and beams in crawl spaces at least 18 inches above the ground to provide ample space to make future inspections.
  4. Landscape plants and irrigation should not be placed within two feet of the foundation.
  5. Thorough annual inspections should be conducted to discover evidence of wood damage or termite activity such as shelter tubes on foundation surfaces, wings or adult termites.
  6. Any wood to ground/soil contact, such as fence posts, poles, and general foundation structures, should be commercially pressure treated, and should not touch another structure.

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