Ant Control

Ant Control

One of the biggest nuisances to a Dallas or Fort Worth home or office is an ant infestation. We’ve all seen the line of ants creeping through a property and wanted to take care of the problem, only to find them popping up again after using a DIY ant killer product.

Fortunately, through the knowledge and effective methods from Buzz Kill Pest Control, your year-round residential and commercial ant infestation can be an issue of the past.

Why Are Ants Such a Problem?

Not only are ants invasive creatures that will take up any available crevice in your home, but they also pose other serious problems that could result in health issues and even property damage.

Ants Contaminate Food

From Pavement Ants to Odorous House Ants, these pests will quickly make their way into your home and help themselves to a serving of your favorite packaged foods and even your trash bins.

The trek to and through your home could have brought ants through several hazardous materials like animal feces. Keep in mind that when you find ants crawling around in your kitchen and other areas of the home, these contaminants are definitely crawling around with them.

Property Damage

Cleanliness isn’t the only area of your home that ants infect. If your home falls victim to a Carpenter Ant infestation, you have a structural problem on your hands. These ants are attracted to moisture and are commonly found in the bathroom, crawl spaces, or any other damp and dark area of your home.

Once these ants find some damp wood they can call home, they quickly build their tunnels inside of the wood and spread out throughout your building’s structure. Keep in mind, that property damage from ants can take years to develop, but letting this problem go will result in damages that are difficult and expensive to repair.

Ant Exterminator And Fire Ant Control
Best Ant Control & Dallas-Fort Worth Exterminator

Common Ants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area:

  • Fire Ant
  • Carpenter Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
  • Little Black Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant
  • Crazy Ant
  • Argentine Ant
  • Rover Ant

Signs of a Serious Infestation

A line of ants parading over your kitchen counter isn’t the only sign that you have an ant infestation. Other common signs that you need professional help with your ant problem include:

  • Dog bowls being overrun by ants
  • Sections of your pantries and other spaces crawling with the critters
  • Rustling noises inside of your walls
  • Wood shavings
  • Ants swarming in damp areas of the home

How Can Buzz Kill Pest Control Help?

DIY ant control often results in a temporary fix that just leads to more ants down the line. Effective ant control truly relies on the species of ant infesting your property, and that’s why it’s important to rely on the professionals for your ant problem.

At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we can quickly identify the type of ant plaguing your home or business and will resolve the problem through our trusted methods that will keep ants away for good.

Not only will we safely and thoroughly eliminate ant colonies on-site, but we will also offer our preventative services to help you keep ants and other pests away from your residential or commercial property, year-round.

Rely on Buzz Kill to Go Above and Beyond With Our Ant Control Services

As professionals in the extermination business for over 20 years, the team at Buzz Kill Pest Control understands the frustrations that come with an ant infestation. We guarantee our methods will effectively help you rid your property of these contaminating and damaging critters. We’re ready to help you take back control of your home or business. Contact us today to start the process and schedule a property inspection.

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