In2care Mosquito Traps in Dallas-Fort Worth

In2care Mosquito Traps in Dallas-Fort Worth

Buzz Kill Pest Control understands that nothing can ruin your outdoor family BBQ or fun in the yard more than mosquitoes. Bites from these pesky insects can swell and itch quickly, causing irritation and discomfort within a matter of minutes. More than just a nuisance, certain species of mosquitoes are known for carrying diseases that can be dangerous for your family and pets.

Buzz Kill Pest Control offers the In2Care Trap as GREEN mosquito treatment or combines the trap with other traditional mosquito control services. This allows you to win your yard back and enjoy your outdoors. Contact us to learn more about it today.

What is the In2care Mosquito Control Trap?

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap is a unique mosquito control product that attracts mosquitoes ready to lay eggs and uses novel and green alternatives to insecticides to kill them. It exploits the concept of “auto dissemination”; contaminating mosquitoes with larvicide powder and using them to spread this killing agent to surrounding breeding sites. This is particularly effective against container breeding mosquitoes.

The trap is made of durable and recycled polyethylene and contains a floater that moves along with the water level and serves as the landing/resting site for mosquitoes. Gravid female mosquitoes are attracted to the trap by the attractive odors added to the water reservoir and land on the floater gauze containing the bio-actives. These bio-actives target not only the mosquito (killing these within 10 days) and its larvae, but also the Dengue virus inside the mosquito. The unique mixture provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic pesticides and combines active ingredients that individually are used in other mosquito products which are WHO-recommended and/or US-EPA approved Active ingredients in the trap need to be replaced and water replenished every 4 weeks. Area-wide coverage of at least 1 trap per 4,000 SQFT is needed to ensure a significant impact on Aedes mosquito populations.

The In2Care Trap is a stand-alone GREEN treatment for mosquito control or its novel mode of action can complement other vector control efforts and the traps are ideal for hotspots and problem areas where insecticide use is restricted or hampered due to sensitive accounts or pesticide application not allowed.

As with any other mosquito control, this product does not completely eliminate mosquitoes but does reduce breeding sites and population counts allowing you to get back out to your lawn and living area.

Where to Use the In2care Mosquito Control Trap?

In2care Mosquito Control Traps are great for homes, offices, industrial buildings, yards, patios, hotels, hospitals, schools, vet clinics, and anywhere else where people typically encounter mosquitoes.

Contact Buzz Kill Pest Control for more information or to schedule your appointment today for In2care Mosquito Trap service or mosquito misting solutions.

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