Rodent Control

Rodent Control

From the sound of squeaks and scurrying in the walls, to glimpses of matted fur dashing beneath furniture, a rodent infestation is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Even the cleanest home can present an invitation to unwanted house guests.

Signs You Have an Infestation

The signs of a rodent problem create living conditions that no person should have to live with. If you’ve noticed these issues going on in your home, it’s time to call in the professionals before your situation gets worse.

  • Rodent droppings around the home (Drawers, cupboards, closets)
  • The musky smell of urine throughout the home
  • Shredded paper, fabric etc. that is used as nesting materials
  • Holes and chewed through entry points in walls, doors and the exterior of the home

The Dangers of Life Without Rodent Control

Rats and mice who make a home in your household are not just invaders, but also a health hazard. Their droppings will ruin a location’s air quality and can even transmit illnesses like salmonella. The average rodent is capable of defecating thousands of droppings a year, so even one rat in your home can pose a significant issue.

According to the CDC, rodents can also carry rat-bite fever, a disease that can be fatal to humans that come in contact with these critters. If you know you have a pest problem, keep your home or business safe today with rodent control services from Buzz Kill Pest Control. Our services have been proven to help our customers when standard traps don’t get the job done!

We Ensure Your Home is Completely Rodent-Free!

After a thorough inspection of your home or business, our technicians will determine a plan of attack for the severity of your problem. Large or small, we have a plan and will effectively handle any rodent problem your structure has.

Rodent control from Buzz Kill Pest Control utilizes a variety of traps and baits that guarantee no rodent (dead or alive) is left behind when we’re through.

Think Like a Rodent to Get the Job Done

From the Norway Rat to the standard house mouse, the team at Buzz Kill Pest Control knows where critters like to burrow and nest. We know rodents and won’t have to search long for the source of your problem. Our technicians will take every precaution to ensure your home becomes rodent-free, while still remaining intact after we’ve completed our rodent control.

Rodent Control Beyond Extermination

Not only will our rodent control services leave your home infestation-free, but we will also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our rodent exclusion services. Together, we can help you maintain and control a rodent-free environment that isn’t an open invitation for further house guests next winter.

Buzz Kill Helps Dallas-Fort Worth Homes Evict Pests

Even if you’ve only discovered a single used nest or a few rat droppings, your rodent problem can get out of hand, fast! Don’t put your family and tenants at risk by allowing these creatures into your domain. Let the experts at Buzz Kill Pest Control remove the problem and keep them out for good! Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control services.

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Rodent Control in Dallas

Description and Habits

Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus

Norway rats burrow under foundations, floors, stacks of goods and rubbish.
Adult weight: Seven to 18 ounces
Total length:  11 to 19 inches including tail
Color: Gray with white underside
Body: Heavy and thick with small ears, small eyes, blunt nose
Tail: Shorter than body, furless
Litter size and number: two to fourteen rats; four to six per year with heaviest production in spring and fall

Roof rat, Rattus rattus

Roof rat seldom burrows.  It normally nests in double walls and attics.
Adult weight: 5 to 10 ounces
Total length: 12 to 18 inches including tail
Color: Grayish-black with a pale yellow underside
Body: Light and slender with large ears, large eyes, pointed nose
Tail: Longer than body, furless
Litter size and number: Five to eight; three or more per year with heaviest production of young in the winter and spring.

House mouse, Mus Musculus

Mice have smaller, neater nests often found in a variety of places such as under a pile of paper, in loose or baled hay, inside upholstered furniture and even in cabinet drawers.
Adult weight: ½ to 1 ounce
Total length: 5 to 8 inches including tail
Color: Grayish-brown
Body: Small with small feet and head
Tail: Furless
Litter size and number: Five to Six at Thirteen per year

The signs of a rat or mouse infestation include droppings, tracks, gnawing, greasy smears wherever their bodies have touched walls or rafters and runways in the grass, trash or sometimes insulation.

The degree of infestation can be determined by checking for the following:  Droppings: Numerous or just a few?  Scattered or everywhere?  Fresh or old?  Smears: Faintly seen or very heavy and greasy? Runways:  Seldom used or worn smooth by the passage of many rodents?  Feeding signs:  A solitary rodent may be neat when feeding whereas if many feed they may fight between themselves and scatter food.

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