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Wooden Wall Was Damaged From Termite Infested Inside House.

5 Ways to Prevent a Termite Infestation This Spring

Termites are pests that nearly every homeowner fears the most. Not only is the damage that they do to a home substantial and expensive, but an infestation is usually noticed by the time it’s too late.

Although getting rid of a termite colony mid-infestation is always a great idea, keeping them away is more important. Here are five easy ways that you can prevent a termite infestation from costing you thousands of dollars in irreparable damages.

Get Rid of Your Dead Wood

We’re in the middle of spring and the weather is starting to heat up in Texas. So, if you’re like most homeowners and kept some fresh wood over the winter, the chances are high that it’s begun to dry out and die out.

Unfortunately dead wood is a huge termite attractor, and most people keep their wood as close to the home as possible. So, once termites have had their fill of your woodpile, the home is an easy target.

Now that winter is over, toss your dead wood or use it up quickly in a bonfire. No matter what you do, keep it away from your home this termite season.

Suck Out the Moisture From Your Home

Moisture is another key attractor for a nasty termite infestation. From living in a moist community to having leaky pipes in your home, getting the humidity in your home under control is essential to keeping termites away.

Take some time this spring to reach out to a plumber and get a home plumbing inspection. Fix your leaky pipes, and then invest in a dehumidifier that can help take out the excess moisture from your home environment.

Once your home is as dry as possible, it will become a less desirable target for hungry termites.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Let’s face it, termites love wood, and keeping termites away from your trees is a pretty difficult task. So, make sure that your trees are properly maintained throughout the year.

If you fail to prune and trim your trees, eventually the branches will begin to rest on the roof or siding of your home and serve as a bridge for termites to move into your home as the ultimate un-welcomed guest.

Avoid Wood Mulch Near Your Home

Wood mulch is the combination of two of the biggest termite threats imaginable: wood and moisture. Many homeowners like the look of mulch and how it enriches their soil. So, they place it in the flower beds that align their home.

If heavy rain occurs, the moisture retained in the mulch will attract termites and eventually lead them right to your front door.

Schedule Preventative Termite Control from Buzz Kill!

At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we can help you get rid of your termites from the discovery of the first signs of an infestation. However, we believe that prevention is more important than extermination.

Our termite control services utilize the strategic placement of termite bait that forms a barrier around your property. Once termites take the bait, they die off, and your home is officially protected from the next big infestation.

Keep in mind that termite control doesn’t last forever, and our expert technicians will be happy to come out and reset your bait traps every few months.

Don’t let your home and budget fall victim to termites this spring. Contact us today to get your home on our schedule.

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5 Ways to Prevent a Termite Infestation This Spring

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