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Pest Free In 2018

Celebrate a New Year Pest-Free

The New Year often comes with resolutions for change. We promise ourselves to take better care of our bodies, our relationships, or even change jobs. Most of us neglect to think about our need to take care of our home in our New Year’s resolutions. So for 2018, let’s add that to the list. Let’s be resolute in keeping our home bug-free and keeping our yard free of damaging rodents. Don’t laugh. Undoubtedly these are things we will deal with this year and we will enjoy our homes much more if they are pest-free.

Here are a few tips to becoming pest-free in 2018.

Remove Clutter

Most bugs like dark, cluttered spaces to hide. Brown recluse spiders especially like piles of old clothes or inside of old luggage. Removing clutter makes our home look larger and neater. It also gives those pests fewer places to play hide-and-seek.

Replace Cardboard Containers With Plastic 

The problem with cardboard is two-fold. It is soft enough for mice, fleas, and cockroaches to chew through and nest inside. It usually isn’t sealable. By using plastic containers with lock-down lids, you greatly decrease the likelihood of pests in your storage boxes.

Clean Air Vents and Ducts

Air vents and ducts, if not cleaned regularly, are a perfect nesting spot for insects. It is warm, plus the dust and lint inside is a perfect habitat. As the pests move around inside of the duct work, they leave behind feces and shed skin. This is often a problem for household allergy sufferers.

Regular Pest Control Treatments 

If you want to get really serious about pest control, schedule BuzzKill to come out regularly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, to treat your home and yard. By signing up for regular treatments, you save money in the long-run.

Inspect and Clean-Out Your Outdoor Spaces  

Just like the indoors, bugs love places to hide outdoors. Remove any areas where water can stand and be a breeding area for mosquitoes. Inspect dark sheds for rodent intruders. Watch your yard for mole or vole tunnels. Make sure your outside areas are as pest free as possible so that you can enjoy that outdoor living area as much as possible.

Fill in Cracks and Air Leaks Around Your Home

Those little spaces that allow air to escape or enter your home are also the spaces that allow insects into your home. After all, in the cooler months of winter, they are looking for somewhere warm too. By filling and sealing any gaps you are not only making your home more energy efficient, you are keeping those buggies out.

Let Buzz Kill Pest Control Help You Remain Pest-Free in 2018

Winter is a great time to get your home inspected for pests, the insect kind, and the rodent kind because they could be spending the winter months inside your home.  Give BuzzKill a call.  We will come out to treat your home, rid it of any unwelcomed pests.  You may then consider hiring us for a routine service plan to keep your home pest free for 2018.  

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Celebrate a New Year Pest-Free

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