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Terminte Control In Dallas

What are the Signs of Termites?

Termites are tiny creatures that you don’t realize are there until it’s too late. By the time you’ve called pest control, they’ve done their damage and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. They live in colonies and do billions of dollars in damage to American homes every year. The best way to avoid costly infestations is through preventative care like a termite inspection. But let’s say you’re a homeowner who doesn’t think it could happen in their home. You’ve never had your home inspected for termite damage and don’t think anything of it until you start to see signs of some sort of infestation. At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we know the signs and are here to share them with you.

Swarmers Inside Your Home

Termites have wings to fly from colony to colony. After a termite has finished rebuilding a colony, he can break off his wings and won’t fly again if he plans to stay there for the remainder of his life. You’ll find their wings on windowsills, indoor lights, or cobwebs. Swarming termites inside the house usually indicate an active infestation in the structure. Pest control companies will be able to identify whether or not the wings you see are from termites. Sometimes you’ll even find the wings outdoors which indicates that your home may not be infested yet, but there’s an active colony nearby looking to feast on your home.

Call your Dallas termite inspectors today!

Termite Mud TubesInsect_Damage_134_DJFss

Mud tubes are the highways termites build to get around. You’ll find them in crawl space piers, utility penetrations, or on foundation walls and slabs. They’re difficult to see because they usually blend in with the soil or concrete. A professional termite inspection will be able to determine where the mud tubes are and break them open to decide whether an infestation is still active.

Wood Damage

Wood damage often isn’t found or noticed initially. Wherever wood comes in contact with the soil is a higher risk of termite entry and infestation. When you tap on the wood, listen for a hollow or very dull sound. This indicates that there might be an infestation. Termite damage on wood tends to follow the wood grains and may be lined with mud or fecal matter from the termites.

Where are Termites Found?Termitedfs

Termites can be found all over the United States except for Alaska. Here in Texas, we have two types of termites- the Native Subterranean termite and the Formosan Subterranean termite. Both types of termites can cause serious damage to wooden structures. Having a professional Dallas termite inspector come to your property is a good idea if you suspect termites may be taking up residence.

Let Buzzkill Pest Control Inspect Your Home

If you’re concerned that you have uninvited guests building a colony in your home, get in touch with your Buzzkill, your Dallas pest control experts. We can give you peace of mind that your home is safe from infestation. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today for your inspection!

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What are the Signs of Termites?

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