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Rodent Control

What is Pest Control?

One of the worst situations for any home or business owner is having any type of pest infestation. Pests not only create a bad image for your property, but they also come with potential health risks and a presence that seems to never end.

Many people try to attempt DIY solutions to get rid of pests, but the best solution for a pest problem is clear: Pest control.

What is the Difference Between Pest Control Services and Extermination?

While it may seem like a common term, the truth about pest control goes much deeper than just getting rid of a pest problem. Many clients who reach out to us at Buzz Kill Pest Control come first because they need to exterminate an infestation.

While our pest control services do in fact eradicate multiple pest issues, we go above and beyond extermination to ensure a client’s home stays pest-free.

As part of our pest control services, we offer preventative maintenance that helps our customers maintain their quality of life. Our maintenance plan creates a barrier between your family and outside pests, keeping your home clear of future pest infestations.

What Pest Control Options Are Available?

Although general pest control services can get rid of standard infestations, at Buzz Kill Pest Control, we believe in solving our client’s problems at precise levels.

Here’s a look at some of the specific pest problems we can help get under control at your home.

Termite Control

Termites are pests that can eat their way through any homeowner’s planned budget. Termite control uses a combination of liquid and bait products that kick termites out of your home and keep them out!

If you’ve noticed prominent wood damage, paint deterioration, or tiny holes in wooden areas of your home, it’s likely time to reach out to us for termite control before it’s too late.

Rodent Control

Mice and rats may be cute as pets; but if you don’t welcome these critters into your home as a family, we guarantee you won’t be happy when you start to find these pests swarming through your pantries and stocks of food. 

Our combination control and exclusion services evict pests from your home and helps your family avoid any health concerns that these mammals literally bring to the table.

Ant Control

Ants are extremely invasive creatures that can quickly overwhelm your home and contaminate any food that they come into contact with.

Ants in Texas like the Carpenter Ant are also notorious for the property damage they can cause around your home.

Save money on your repair bills and grocery trips with ant control services.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are common during the warmer months of Texas. Don’t leave your skin open to attacks through failed DIY trial and error. Reach out to the pest control experts to resolve your mosquito problem.

Between mosquito misting and our revolutionary In2Care mosquito traps, we guarantee that by the time our mosquito control services are complete, your property will protect your family from mosquito bites for months to come.

Spider Control

You can’t control which spiders come into your home. Texas is notorious for being home to poisonous spiders like Black Widows and the Brown Recluse. Keep your family safe with the help of professional pest control experts.

Spiders may keep your home from being overrun by mosquitoes and other pests, but they are meant to live outside, and spider control from Buzz Kill helps them stay there.

Make Your Home Pest-Free Today, with Buzz Kill Pest Control

If you’ve noticed an amass of unwanted insects or rodents on your property, it’s time to reach out to Buzz Kill Pest Control for help. Our team will come out to your home, perform a thorough inspection and find the best solution for your problem. 

Don’t let pests call your house their home. Contact us today to schedule your Dallas-Fort Worth pest control services.

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What is Pest Control?

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