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Rat Lurking In Home

What Pests Lurk In Your Home at Night?

October is the month dedicated to all things creepy, including things that crawl, fly and slither. You lay in bed at night, lights out, counting sheep, and suddenly you hear a scratching in the wall or the attic. Or, you wake up in the dark of the night; flip on the light to grab a midnight snack and you catch sight of something scurrying across the floor.

You may not want to know, but need to know, what goes on in your house at night. Is it the boogeyman or something worse? Don’t wait to find out, reach out to an exterminator before the problem worsens.

Many pests and insects are nocturnal. They wait until dark to forage for food or nesting materials. If horror movies were based on true life, the main character wouldn’t find a hatchet murderer in the night; he would find a mouse, rat, squirrel, bat, or raccoon in the wall making that scratching noise. He would tiptoe across a floor full of cockroaches, brown recluse spiders or the creepy praying mantis. The night is full of creatures.

The Sounds In Your Walls And Attic Might Be Rodents

Rodents are often quite busy at night. If you are hearing noises at night in your attic or in your wall, you likely have a nocturnal creature living or trapped there. The most common would be mice, rats, bats, and raccoons.


Rats can get trapped in your wall voids, or nest in your attic. They will bump, scratch and thump as they maneuver their way up and down your walls and around your attic.


Bats are usually much quieter, unless you have several.


With mice, you will probably hear a scampering noise, notice nests or gnaw holes, and probably see droppings.


Raccoons can also be a nightly problem in your attic, yard, garbage, or garage. Raccoons are not really wild animals. They are urban animals, thriving in the suburbs and cities. Raccoons are smart, curious, and conniving, animals that forage for food.

With any of these pests taking up residence in your home, it is time to call a rodent control specialist to identify and handle your pest problem.

Insects And Spiders Make Their Way Into Your Home During Fall

When it comes to insects and bugs, the night is full of them. Mosquitoes are true blood suckers, but not related to vampires. Mosquitoes are most active around dusk, and the females need a blood meal to lay eggs. A mosquito misting system can help prevent these annoying pests.

The praying mantis lurks in shrubbery, waiting for prey, while the Crickets and grasshoppers fly to lights at night; they eat and call for a mate during the dark of night. Spiders prefer dark to light and often are out to prey on the other insects that are active at night. The dreaded brown recluse spider rests during the day and hunts at night.

Close Up Of Brown Recluse In House

You Don’t Want A Peck From The Kissing Bug

One nocturnal bug that is truly scary is the Kissing Bug. More than half of the kissing bugs tested in Texas test positive for carrying the Chagas parasite. A person bitten by the kissing bug can contract Chagas disease, a potentially life-threatening, inflammatory illness that can cause serious heart and digestive problems.

Don’t Let A Cockroach Infestation Ruin Your Fall Months At Home

And, of course, the most infamous night-time insect is the cockroach. These ancient pests prefer warm environments like your home, and when you turn the lights on, they can run up to 3 miles per hour.

At night, usually about 4 hours after the lights go out, they are out to find food. Roach infestations can cause asthma. They can bite, and definitely carry bacteria as well as diseases.

Don’t Be Scared Of Pests This Halloween, Contact Buzz Kill Pest Control

Night-time is a busy time for many insects, bugs, and pests. They can be pretty scary all year long. If you are dealing with pests that lurk in the night, or the day, it is a good idea to contact your local pest control specialist to deal with them before you end up with an infestation. Buzz Kill Pest Control will come to your rescue and allow you to sleep without a worry of what lurks in the night in your home.

Contact us today for more information on our extermination services!

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What Pests Lurk In Your Home at Night?

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