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5 Signs It Is Time For Termite Control

5 Signs That It’s Time To Schedule Termite Control

One of the biggest pest infestations your home could experience this year is invasion by termite. Although termites aren’t typically the type of insect to sting or bite when threatened, they are still among the most dangerous pests to allow into your home.

From structural damage to respiratory problem flare-ups due to the dust and debris they create, there are countless reasons why a family with a termite infestation should rely on professional termite control to reclaim their home.

If you notice any of these signs of a termite problem, Buzz Kill Pest Control is ready to help you rid your home of these damaging insects.

Your Wood Floors Look Blistered

One of the most obvious signs of a termite problem is right under your own feet. If your hardwood floors start to form “bubbles” or begin to look like they are water damaged, this can be a sign that you have subterranean termites beneath your home. 

Although unseen, termites enjoy the wood that retains your property’s structure and can cause irreversible, expensive damage if left alone for too long. 

There Are Strange Noises Coming Through Your Walls

If you’re relaxing in your living room and hear the sound of clicking coming through the walls, the noise isn’t just something in your head. These are actually the sounds of worker termites munching through the wood behind your walls.

The sound of noisy termite eating should be a massive red flag that something is awry in your home. A local pest control expert can help you determine the source of your termite problem within your walls and come up with a solution that rids your home of the infestation and keeps them away.

You Find Signs of Flying Termites

One of the first signs of an infestation are piles of flying termite wings around your home. Flying termites keep their wings until they find a suitable mate. Once flying termites do mate, they shed their wings and find a nice, warm place in your home’s wood to start a nest of their own. 

So, if you start to find piles of discarded termite wings near areas of your home where there are signs of termite damage, the chances are almost certain that there is a massive infestation buzzing behind your walls.

Termite Droppings Near Your Drywood

In our industry, “frass,” or, termite droppings are one of the most obvious signs of an infestation. Drywood termites are among the most “sanitary” of termites and prefer to push their excrement away from their colonies. This is done by creating small holes throughout their nest where waste can literally be pushed out. 

So, upon inspection of your home, if you find tiny black holes with dark smudge surrounding them, it’s time to call in a Fort Worth termite control specialist

You Find “White Ants” 

Unfortunately, ants and termites are similar sizes and it’s easy for homeowners to mistake wood eaters for a strangely colored ant. We hate to say it, but there aren’t any actual white ants, just white termites. 

Some of the physical signs that the insects you’ve found are termites include the following:

  • Termites have equally proportioned wings. Flying ants have one wing that is bigger than the other
  • Termites have straight antennae
  • Termites are so white that they can appear translucent 

If you notice any of these odd features in the insect you’ve discovered in your home, a pest control expert can help you determine the type of termite your home is dealing with, and promptly exterminate the problem.

Protect Your Home From Termites with Buzz Kill Pest Control

No family should have to deal with the permanent damage that termites cause to a home. If you find evidence that your house’s structure has fallen victim to termite infestation, Buzz Kill Pest Control’s termite control services can help.

Our termite control services approach every unique situation with the tools to guarantee a termite-free home by the time our work is complete. 

Trust our team to control your current infestation and keep termites away through our tried and tested process. Contact us today to schedule our termite control services.

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5 Signs That It’s Time To Schedule Termite Control

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