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Are There Beneficial Pests in Texas?

When the word pest comes up in conversation, many people’s minds go straight to mice, ants, and other creepy crawlies that ruin the comfort of a home. Our pest control business specializes in getting rid of unwanted house guests and getting your home back to normal.

While we will help you get rid of mostly any pest, we would like to take some time to discuss some of the benefits of some pests when they aren’t hanging out in your house! Here’s a look at four surprisingly beneficial Texas pests and why you should tip your hat to them if you meet them in the wild.


We know you might think this is a strange suggestion. In fact, we did ourselves, until we dug a little deeper into the facts. While you may think that cockroaches only live to sneak into your home and scurry beneath your appliances, the truth is, these creatures aren’t as grimy when they are in their natural habitat.

Outside of the home, cockroaches eat plant materials that other mammals can’t digest. Thus, making life easier for herbivores to find food of nutritional value. Other types of cockroaches are plant pollinators that encourage the growth of wildlife outside of the home.

However, the pests that infest your home and leave you feeling bouts of disgust aren’t a necessity to your habitat. So, we’d be happy to come to your home and provide roach extermination services that get your house in order again.


The opossum, known to most as possums may seem like the terrifying beasts that burrow underneath your decks. However, they are actually quite beneficial for eating larger, more invasive pests. Aside from a possum living too close to your home, they’re a decent critter to keep around in the wild.

Possums generally eat pests like:

  • Roaches
  • Rats
  • Venomous snakes thanks to their serum proteins


Ladybugs aren’t just the cutest pests on this list, but they are generally the most helpful if you have a gardening bed to tend to. Trust the helpful ladybug to eat up some of the most destructive pests in the state.

Aphids are worldwide plant killers. They enjoy draining the nutrients from your plants and spread disease throughout your lush landscape. Having a plentiful amount of ladybugs outside is a generally good thing because it’s like having your own security force to protect your plants the natural way.


Spiders will pretty much eat anything that ends up in their web. This usually involves the chowing down of roaches, moths, and flies. All of these being insects you don’t want buzzing around the home.

Although spiders are helpful, their bites and overall presence in your home may not be something you and your family feel comfortable with. If you do have a spider infestation in your home, Buzz Kill Pest Control can help eradicate your problem through our efficient spider control services.

Get Rid of the Non-Essential Pests With Buzz Kill Pest Control

Sure, if any of these critters are found in or on your property, there are still plenty of reasons to drive them away. At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we provide humane and effective services that guarantee your home will remain pest-free after we’ve gone. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get on our schedule.

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Are There Beneficial Pests in Texas?

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