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Buzz Kill Keeps Safe Covid

Buzz Kill Keeps You Safe Through COVID-19

Coronavirus has reached the DFW area and has resulted in “shelter in place” mandates for many of the cities and counties we serve. Although many businesses have had no choice but to shut their doors for the time being, Buzz Kill Pest Control is part of an industry that’s deemed essential to the well-being of society.

According to COVID-19 updates from the CDC and news outlets, this is a particularly virulent virus that requires preemptive steps from essential businesses to keep their employees and customers safe. Here is how Buzz Kill Pest Control helps keep our clients safe while also operating within defined guidelines.

Buzz Kill Takes Every Necessary Precaution

From the inside, out, we have begun to take every necessary precaution to keep our practices within the safest guidelines possible

At this time, all our employees are instructed to report to a  supervisor if/when sick. Employees that have potential coronavirus symptoms will be instructed to have no public contact and/or remain home.

We have also emphasized the use of sanitizing wipes for:

  • Employee’s hands
  • Cell phones
  • Office equipment
  • Fleet steering wheels
  • Field equipment

Gloves are also worn for contact with door rails and other surfaces. If and when bare hands make contact with surfaces, we encourage our technicians to refrain from touching their faces, and use sanitizing wipes to clean hands ASAP.

Our Focus Has Shifted During the Pandemic

While we’re practicing social distancing, we would like to focus more on exterior than interior locations for treatments.  

We understand some treatments do require the interior, but would rather only treat interiors for required services or spot treat problem areas.  

If your services require maintenance on interiors, we would rather come back and get those areas pest-free once the virus has slowed.  

We follow all of our safety protocols when entering and exiting a residence or facility. Our technicians will:

  • Wear a respirator and gloves when performing interior work
  • Observe the 6 feet social distancing rule  
  • Follow our instituted policy of handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Refrain from the  touching of clients’ personal belongings not related to our services 
  • Escalate protocol to execute paperwork and payments remotely.

How You Can Help Us Keep Safety A Priority

Remember, staying safe is a two-way street. We encourage all accounts to disinfect their home prior to any pest services and after we’ve left. This helps protect you and your family along with our technician. 

We may be asking clients of indoor services whether anyone in their household (or recent visitor) was/is sick or has traveled out of the country. 

If we are restricted from entering a facility, we will recommend performing the exterior portion of the service to keep pest pressure away from the building and to prevent exterior pests from entering.

Stay Healthy and Pest Free With Buzz Kill Pest Control

Buzz Kill Pest Control continues to monitor information on the virus and practice to the highest standards for the clients we serve. We value our customers and their safety and hope that with cooperation from all, we can locally flatten the curve while also keeping homes pest-free. 

Although we are out providing essential services, we can’t stress enough how important it is for the rest of the community to stay inside and stay safe. Above all, remember, that if you need us, we will be there for you.


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Buzz Kill Keeps You Safe Through COVID-19

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