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Raccoon Pests

Cute But Dangerous Pests: Raccoons

The North Texas area has its fair share of wildlife pests. Most are scary to the majority of people, like snakes, but some are fluffy and cute, like chipmunks and raccoons.  Cute does not mean safe. Raccoons are a perfect example of adorable pests that should never be handled by the homeowner. While these little bandits are fluffy and curious with a childlike, wide-eyed stare, they are truly dangerous pests.

Foraging, Ferocious Pests

The cuteness of raccoons is often the method for an attack. Sometimes people treat them like a pet, feeding them with an open hand, hoping to pet them.  Bad idea! Even if they do take food from your hand, these critters are outright dangerous. They can and will attack.

Raccoons should be avoided for several reasons. First of all, they are wild animals and are definitely unpredictable. A raccoon will attack if it feels threatened in any way. They are frightening animals. They have sharp claws and teeth; they are quite strong and can inflict severe damage on pets or humans.

Raccoons are famous for foraging for food in trash cans. Just touching a “coon” can allow the transfer of bacteria from their fur. Bacteria isn’t the only concern.  Raccoons are second only to bats in carrying rabies. It only takes one bite to get rabies, which requires a series of inoculations.  Untreated, rabies is deadly after severe neurological symptoms.  Oddly, a rabid raccoon is more likely to approach a human than a non-rabid one.

Stay Safe, Stay Away!

People tend to get excited when they witness raccoons. We get it.  It seems fun to watch them. They are smart, sneaky, clever, and very talented. But, they are not all fun and games. Never make raccoons feel welcome in your yard. Keep trashcans inside of a garage or shed.  If that isn’t possible, keep lids on tightly. Welcoming raccoons is welcoming problems. Once they know they have a feeding ground and safe place to hide, they will be back and they will bring friends.

Not only are raccoons dangerous, but they are also messy mischief-makers. If you don’t have a pest expert remove the raccoons as soon as you spot them, you could be looking at expensive property damage costs. If they want into your shed, garage, or home, they will tear at siding, vents, window sills, and doors to get in. They are territorial, so once you have these raccoons hiding in your home, they will become aggressive to keep their space.

Another concern is that raccoons do not care where they go to the bathroom. Their feces can transmit roundworms to your pets. It is considered a bio-hazard. If you try to clean it from your yard or home, you could become ill. Call a pest professional for extermination and clean up.

Just like mice and rats, raccoons are a fire hazard. They are chewers…chewing walls, ducts and venting. They chew right through the insulation on the wires in walls and attics, leaving hot wires exposed that can cause a fire if sparked or disturbed.

BuzzKill Pest Control Get Raccoons Off Your Property

Raccoons look cute, but they are not a pet. They are a PEST! The dangers and damages caused by raccoons is nothing to be indifferent to; you must act quickly to avoid the trouble and expenses caused by these little bandits. If you see even one raccoon feeding or hiding near your home, it is best to call the professionals to head off the problem immediately. For industry-leading pest control, call BuzzKill! We will handle your raccoon problem, keeping your family and home safe.  

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Cute But Dangerous Pests: Raccoons

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