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Woman Applying Insect Repellent Against Mosquito And Tick On Her Leg During Hike In Nature.

How to Keep Mosquito Bites Away in a Texas Summer

Mosquitoes are an inevitable part of the spring and summer in Texas. While most bites are usually a harmless annoyance, some instances can lead to mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus or Zika virus.

As we are all beginning to get back together again, families are looking forward to firing up the grill and spending some quality time outside. However, after nearly a year without gatherings, your yard may not be in prime condition for your next party, keep your guests bite-free this summer with our mosquito control services.

Here are four easy ways you can prepare your yard for mosquito season and enjoy the summer bite-free!

Remove Any Standing Water

Over the winter and spring, rainfall is definitely something that can lead to mosquitoes in the warmer months. If your yard is populated with items like birdbaths and children’s play equipment, these are huge breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

So, take some time to clear out any standing water that has pooled up over the months, and if possible install a bubbler in your fountains that keep water churning. Your yard should be a place of relaxation this summer, so don’t let something as simple as standing water bring down the fun.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Fall and winter are prime seasons for falling leaves and cluttered gutters. When a crowded gutter mixes up with the rainfall of spring, not only is your gutter less effective, but it also creates a moist, inviting environment for mosquito infestation.

Take some time this spring to pull out the ladder and clean out your gutters. If that sounds like a lot of maintenance that you just don’t want to perform, we suggest reaching out to a local gutter servicing company for a thorough cleaning or the installation of leaf guards that will reduce the amount of moisture that rests in your system.

Schedule Mosquito Control

The most effective preventative measure to take when it comes to saying goodbye to a mosquito problem is investing in a mosquito control service.

There are several options available to homeowners that include:

  • One-time mosquito spraying
  • In2Care mosquito trap installation and maintenance
  • Monthly spraying schedules
  • Automated mosquito misting systems

We offer all of these mosquito control services and take pride in the level of comfort we provide to our customers each year. Whether you need a one-time spraying service or want to keep mosquitos away year-round, our pest control experts always have an option that meets your needs.

Work on Your Landscaping

So your yard gathered a little clutter over the year, or your dog got bored and started digging through the yard. While this is nothing to be ashamed of, keep in mind that holes, discarded tires, and open air trash bins also collect water that attracts mosquitoes.

Get your landscape in shape and discard anything that could be a water pool for insects. Fill in old holes with new sod, and make sure you’re truly ready to welcome your guests this summer with Buzz Kill Pest Control.

Get the Hard Part Done with Buzz Kill Pest Control

At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we make every effort to ensure that our clients effectively get pests off of their property. This includes difficult nuisances like mosquitoes. Our mosquito control services utilize an efficient process that gets mosquitoes away and keeps them away with regular upkeep.

If you are ready to enjoy the rest of your spring and enter the summer without mosquitoes looming over your fun, reach out to us today to schedule your mosquito control appointment.

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How to Keep Mosquito Bites Away in a Texas Summer

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