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Mice On Counter After Holiday Dinner

How to Handle Unwanted Thanksgiving Pests

Ah, Thanksgiving; a time for family, friends, and great food! One thing no host wants to worry about is having too many guests at the dinner table. While most guest lists are going to be tight this year, the right foods and the wrong moves can bring in unwanted house pests that can cramp even the best host’s style.

Rodents Would Love a Seat at Your Dinner Table

Even though rodents are furry, they don’t like to hang out in the cold weather when your Thanksgiving dinner is on the table. However, pests like rats and mice are not only an unsightly presence in your home, but they also bring with them potential diseases from the outside.

Also, not only will they eat your feast away. But they can also create substantial damage to the foundation of your home as they chew through your walls to create their nests as the weather cools down.

Cockroaches Don’t Want to Be Left Out in the Cold

Cockroaches are another pest that wants to come in when fall begins to settle down. They love to make their home in the cracks of your walls and pop out at the most unexpected times. Cockroaches are unsanitary creatures that should never have a place in your home.

Quick Prevention Tips

There are several steps you can take before Thanksgiving to help reduce the threat of a pest infestation during the holidays. Here are some easy prevention tips you can practice on and before Thanksgiving.

Clear Out Pantry’s Early

Your pantry is where most pests will want to hang out. There’s lots of food around, and it’s a dark, dry place. Before the holiday strikes, take some time to clean out your pantry and wipe away any crumbs or get rid of unused rice and dried bean bags that could be an open invitation to pests.

Seal Up Your Trash

On and before Thanksgiving, don’t leave your trash open for easy animal feeding. Make sure your trash can lids are sealed and that any full bags are promptly disposed of before they become a pest risk.

Clean Spills

Spills may seem like innocent mistakes, and they are. However, even small spills like sauces or sodas can become a pest magnet if they aren’t cleaned up right away. Make spot checks throughout the cooking process and ensure that your floors and countertops stay clean and sanitized.

Practice Pest Control Before the Big Day

If you want to be certain that pests don’t ruin your Thanksgiving, get your home scheduled for preventative pest control services. Preventative services can clear out any current problems in your home and keep it pest-free for months!

Be Thankfully Pest-Free With Buzz Kill Pest Control!

Your Thanksgiving celebration shouldn’t involve chasing pests away from your plates. If you know that your home has any pest problems on its property, it’s time to call in the professionals and get your home cleared out.

At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we take pride in our abilities to keep your home free of any infestations from damaging pests. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

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How to Handle Unwanted Thanksgiving Pests

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