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Yellow Jacket Wasps On A Hive

Dangerous Texas Pests to Keep Out of Your Home

Pests in the home are never a welcome situation. The scurrying of mice in the walls and cockroaches across damp floors can present an uncomfortable and unclean environment in a place that should be your sanctuary.

However, some pests can present an outright deadly result when they decide to intrude in your personal space. Here’s a look at some of the most dangerous pests in Texas and how pest control services can help keep your family safe.

Fire Ants

Ants may simply seem like a common nuisance that one can just stomp out of existence. While this is usually true, if you start to notice ant hills forming outside of your home, it may be best to think twice about crushing this problem yourself.

Fire ants are a major problem in Texas and can be a deadly one for someone who experiences a volatile reaction to their sting. Unlike bees that only sting once and then pass away, fire ants can sting a target several times and create painful welts.

Children and small pets are especially vulnerable to fire ant attacks. So, if you notice strange ant hills with red bugs crawling in and out of its tip, reach out to a local extermination company for ant control services that can make ants a threat of the past.

Deadly Arachnids

As we’ve discussed in the past, spiders are common visitors in a Texas home. Unfortunately, not all arachnids are as easy to live with as the common house spider or Daddy Long-Leg.

Buzz Kill Pest Control offers an efficient spider control service that keeps DFW safe. Spider infestations can quickly become a harrowing experience, especially when an infestation becomes a serious health risk as some spider bites are filled with poison.

Brown Recluse Spider

October brings in the end of Brown Recluse season. However, keeping an eye out for these dangerous arachnids is essential. One bite from these spiders can create several uncomfortable symptoms that can even lead to necrotic skin lesions and death if left untreated.

When a Brown Recluse is discovered in the home, one of the scariest parts about this experience is the fact that several more are hiding on your property. If you find a Brown Recluse, be aware of other potential hiding places that include:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Storage rooms

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow spider bites are immediately painful and can also result in a deadly reaction. They are extremely poisonous spiders, but often won’t seek out a victim to bite and only attack when disturbed.

What’s dangerous about the Black Widow is that their venom produces alpha-latrotoxin, which equates to a painful bite that can quickly take over a victim’s nervous system.


Wasps are another common pest in Texas. These seemingly angry bugs often form hives in the eaves of a home and will attack if they feel like their nest is threatened. Much like Fire Ants, Wasps can sting multiple times, so it’s not recommended that homeowners attempt to remove a nest on their own.

We offer wasp removal that gets these pests off of your property and keeps them away. Trust us to keep your family safe from the painful sting that can be the result of a horrifying wasp attack.

Experience the Safety of Efficient Pest Control From Buzz Kill

If you’ve noticed these dangerous bugs creeping around your property, don’t wait for an emergency situation to handle them. The pest control experts of Buzz Kill Pest Control have the experience and techniques to help make your home a safe haven once again. We will exterminate dangerous pests and ensure that they stay away from you and your loved ones. Reach out to us today for more information about our preventative pest control services and extermination solutions.

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Dangerous Texas Pests to Keep Out of Your Home

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