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Roach In Jail For Invading Your Home

The Importance of Fall Pest Control Maintenance

The weather is starting to cool down and it will soon be time for you to kick in the heating systems at home. Although this may be the ideal climate for your family, it is also a great climate for unwanted pests to move in and ruin the remainder of your year.

This fall, stay a few steps ahead of the crawlers and rodents. Order fall pest control services to help keep your home pest-free for at least 60 days. This is enough time for you and your loved ones to wait out the pests and avoid some of these problems that the outsiders can bring into your home.

Some Pests Will Literally Wreck Your Home

The smallest pests seeking warmth are the ones that can cost you the most cash at the end of the winter season. Carpenter ants and termites migrate into homes during the cooler months and begin to eat their way into the structure of your abode.

The sad part is, that most homeowners don’t even catch the signs of a termite or carpenter ant infestation until it’s too late and parts of their homes are literally falling to pieces. Save yourself and your wallet the trouble of these homewreckers by scheduling regular preventative pest control maintenance throughout the year.

Cockroaches Pose Health Hazards

The fall and winter seasons are a breeding ground for cockroach infestations. From the candy of Halloween to the mass commodities of leftovers during winter holidays, your home may as well be an open invitation to these pests.

Aside from their unsightly appearance, the cockroach easily brings disease and decay into your home. A cockroach infestation can actually be the root of many seasonal illnesses like the flu. Even before you see that first roach scramble across your floor, trust a professional roach extermination service to perform maintenance on your property to keep these insects away!

Rodents Could Become Roomies Until Spring

Other disease carriers to keep away from your family are the rodents that love to make homes inside of your walls and sneak around your food resources when no one is around. Not only are animals like mice and rats a health hazard to your home, but they are also a physical hazard that can literally bring down the house.

Your house’s inner wiring is one of their favorite things to chew through. This means that they can disrupt internet lines, phone lines, and spark a destructive house fire under the worst circumstances.

Buzz Kill Pest Control offers a comprehensive rodent control service that not only expels rodents from your property, but effectively keeps them away through preventative measures like:

  • The removal of visible nesting areas
  • Sealing up entry points

Protect Your Home Today with Pest Control Services from Buzz Kill

Your family should be allowed to enjoy fall and winter activities without the threat of a bug or rodent crawling into the fun. At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we don’t just handle pests during an infestation. We also provide preventative services that ensure your home stays pest-free and steers clear of all of the problems that come with unwanted guests.

We’re ready to kick your invasive pests to the curb! Contact us today to schedule your pest control appointment.

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The Importance of Fall Pest Control Maintenance

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