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Wasp Nest

How to Prevent a Wasp Infestation This Spring

Wasps are an important part of our environment’s eco system. However, they can also be a nuisance if not properly dealt with. As the spring and summer begin to unfold, you need to prepare for the wasps that will be flying around your home or business. Our pest control company knows how to take care of a wasp control problem before it gets even worse. Here are a few tips on preparing for wasps.

Keep Wasps From Nesting

Wasps need shelter for their colonies to survive and if your home has holes or gaps in siding or brick, it’s prime real estate for a nest. To keep wasps from nesting in your home, plug up all holes or torn screens with either caulking or screening. Wasps can fit almost anywhere and even the smallest holes can become a suitable home for them to build their nest. If you aren’t sure whether wasps are already nesting or not, call our Dallas pest control company to check it out.

Wasp Control in Your Yard

Besides nesting in small holes around your home, wasps are also fond of nesting in lawn furniture, lawn equipment, and trash cans with food in them. For example, if you have a trash can used for compost in your backyard, wasps will be attracted to anything sweet inside and likely build a nest close by for easy access. Before the wasps start searching your property for a home, remove anything sitting in your yard that the wasps might find to be a suitable living environment.

Get a Professional Pest Control Company to Evaluate Your Home

If you aren’t sure whether or not your home or yard is at risk for a wasp infestation or if you have one already, it’s best to get a professional pest control service out to your property to look for problem areas. Bees, wasps, ants, and an assortment of other creatures can make your home theirs overnight. Preparing your home for spring pests can save you money and time in the lung run.

Let BuzzKill Pest Control Rid Your Home of Wasps

Before wasps begin nesting in or near your home, or if they already have, let us help you get rid of them. We’ll safely remove and prevent wasps from setting up camp on your property. While wasps are a necessary part of our ecosystem, their stings and damage they can do to your home are completely avoidable. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment for your wasp removal.

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How to Prevent a Wasp Infestation This Spring

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