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Spring Pest Control

Pest Control Tips Before the Big Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is just around the corner and many families and communities are planning a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids. Before you start hiding eggs though, you need to walk the area where the egg hunt will take place and look for potential hazards to the children that will be running around egg hunting. Here are a few simple pest control tips and things to look for before your egg hunt.

Fire Ant Pest Control

Fire ants build their anthills wherever they please. Unfortunately, that very well may be in your yard. Before you send the kids out searching for eggs, go over your property and look for signs of anthills. Though distinguishing between different ants can be difficult, a trained pest control expert can tell the difference and recommend the best way to get rid of them. Fire ant bites can be very painful and you don’t want your Easter festivities to turn into multiple children being bitten.

Bee and Wasp Nests

Springtime brings buzzing insects like bees and wasps out of hibernation and into your backyard. Often times you’ll find nests in obscure places like underneath a deck or railing and sometimes even laying in your yard if they’ve fallen from a tree. We all know how stings can be painful and it’s even worse for children. If you suspect there’s a large bee or wasp population setting up shop on your property, get a bee control expert to take a look.

Check the Egg Hunt Area for Baby Birds

During the spring, baby birds are hatching from their eggs learning how to fly. As they’re learning, however, they often end up on the ground until they can figure out how to flap their wings. If your egg hunt is located near any trees, you need to walk around the area and look at the ground to make sure no baby birds are there. While birds aren’t really a pest in the traditional sense, you certainly don’t want them on the ground near your egg hunt.

Look for Other Pests

Snakes, small rodents, and other insects hide in the grass and rarely make themselves known. Have a pest control company come to survey your land and look for signs associated with any of those creatures. Your egg hunt should be free of hazards for your guests. Pest control can eliminate any of those risks.

Buzz Kill Cares About Your Pest Problem

Pest control is important for every season but spring is when the majority of pests rear their ugly heads. Don’t wait until your problem gets worse, call us today and we’ll help rid you of your pests.

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Pest Control Tips Before the Big Easter Egg Hunt

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