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The Role Common Pests Play in Our Environment

For many homeowners and business owners, insects and rodents are unwelcome pests that need to be removed, and understandably so. Many pests can cause damage to people’s property or homes.  At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we understand how necessary these pests can be to our environment and how to safely perform pest removal without harming the ecosystem. We know bugs and rats can be annoying, but here are a few things you should know about pests.

What Pests are Harmful to Public Health?

The EPA provides a short list of insects that are considered harmful to public health, which helps homeowners and business owners understand when a call to a pest removal service might be necessary. Insects listed by the EPA as potentially harmful include cockroaches, various types of lice, mosquitoes, ticks, and bed bugs.

There are also certain rats and mice included in the list, as well as microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, some reptiles, certain birds, and even some mammals that can carry rabies or other diseases. These creatures are blamed for a variety of health problems and epidemics ranging from skin irritation from lice to serious diseases like malaria from diseased mosquitoes.

It’s important to understand that the EPA’s list of harmful pests doesn’t include many bugs that we may mistake for being harmful like bees, spiders, various beetles, and even some wasps. Beneficial bugs keep harmful bugs at bay (ladybugs eat aphids, for example), and they also bear the responsibility for helping plants breed and grow (like bees).

What Can I Do to Help Beneficial Pests?

One of the first lessons anyone can take from beneficial pests versus harmful pests is the actual word “pest” and how it brings to mind something harmful. Although bees and other insects can cause harm – and even death in some cases where excessive bee stings or an allergy comes into play – they are a crucial part of the ecosystem.

Ensuring the survival of beneficial pests can actually occur with help from your pest removal service and Buzz Kill Pest Control. You can think of bees as beneficial insects that simply require bee removal to a safe and habitable area where the bees won’t come into contact with humans and can play their vital role as the earth’s pollination team.

Similarly, when you’re faced with an animal problem like an invasive raccoon, the answer might not be to put out rat poison to kill the animal. Professional rodent control can help you remove an animal from your property without resorting to killing the animal (unless the suspicion of rabies or another disease is present).

Help Beneficial Bugs Thrive With Buzz Kill Pest Control

As the summer months approach and pests become more prevalent, get into the mindset that not all insects and rodents are harmful and that some are exceedingly important for the health of our planet. Get in touch with Buzz Kill Pest Control for questions!

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The Role Common Pests Play in Our Environment

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