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Mosquito Control

Pest of the Month: June – Mosquito

As a well-known problem throughout Texas and Dallas Fort Worth, mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests during the warmer months. Mosquitoes are nematocerid flies under the Culicidae family of scientific classification. There have been over 3,500 species of mosquitoes already described from various parts of the world, and about 55 of those species are in Texas.


The life cycle of a mosquito has four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult, which the transitions from egg to adult can take as little as five days. Typically, females lay their eggs in standing water or near edges of water, and sometimes they attach their eggs to aquatic plant life. As the mosquito egg transits into larva, it will have a well-developed head with mouth brushes used for feeding. But during the larva stage, they have only an abdomen with no legs. As they grow out of the larva stage, they begin to develop into the pupa stage at which they begin to grow limbs and wings. At this point they are able to swim about the water to get food, and during resting time they hang from the surface of the water. When entering the adult stage their limbs, wings, and head become fully developed and they start to emerge from the water. Within a few days of being an adult and have emerged from the water, adult mosquitoes will begin the mating process, which is a continued cycle throughout the entire mosquito season.


Mosquito control in Dallas Fort Worth is very important due to the variety of ways they feed. Not only do they feed on nectar and plant juices, but most species in Texas feed on animal and human blood by piercing their skin. Many mosquitoes prefer humans with type O blood, people with a lot of body heat, people with a lot of skin bacteria, heavy breathers, and pregnant women. These human traits are not necessary, so everyone, including animals, is at risk of mosquito bites during the breeding and feeding season.


Due to the transmission of viruses and diseases from mosquitoes, such as West Nile, malaria, filariasis, Buzz Kill Pest Control takes Dallas and Fort Worth mosquito control very seriously. Our Monthly Mosquito Control service plan provides your home or business with front and back yard barrier treatment, which is performed during the mosquito season in North Texas. If your location requires a mix of Fort Worth and Dallas pest control services, we can customize a maintenance program to fit any pest control need. Often businesses and outdoor venues request our One Time Special Event Spray to eliminate and control pests and mosquitoes with a barrier treatment performed to a desired area, which will create a much better experience for your guests. Many Dallas and Fort Worth pest control customers prefer our mosquito misting systems for their homes and businesses. Our pest control technicians specialize in the installation, service, and refills of nearly every brand of automated mosquito control mister systems.


For further information, please refer to our Mosquito Control service page as well as our Mosquito Misting Systems service page. Don’t let the mosquitoes take over your summer, contact Buzz Kill Pest Control today to schedule a free pest control estimate.

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Pest of the Month: June – Mosquito

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