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Diy Pest Control

Myths Busted: DIY Pest Control

We have all been there; you are relaxing quietly in your home when suddenly an unexpected insect scurries across the floor and into an area where you can’t get to it.  That or you experience a situation like bed bugs and want the nuisance taken care of fast.  So, you hop in the car, run to the nearest convenience store and buy a 4-pack of bug bombs or foggers that you are positive will get the job done right without having to call in for a professional pest control service.

Although these DIY-type techniques can seem like they have solved the problem, they most likely haven’t and you have wasted time, money, and effort on an issue that could have been taken care of by a Dallas pest control expert.  Buzz Kill Pest Control discusses the myths of DIY pest control and why it is just a better idea to call us the next time you need to get rid of some unsightly house guests.

It’s Just Less Expensive to do the Job Myself

Sure, a trip to the store and buying chemicals is most likely less expensive than going with a pest control company for your issue.  However, in the long-run, hiring a pest control professional could be the less expensive decision.  The pest control solutions you would pick up at a store run the risk of actually making your pest control problem worse, and the cycle of buying the products, killing the bugs, buying the products, may seem never-ending.  Using a pest control service like Buzz Kill allows you to ensure that the job is done right the first time, even though the initial cost may seem more than you’d like to pay.

Anyone can Read a Label on a Can

In the age of the internet, understanding how to deal with a potential pest control problem can be found with the click of a mouse.  Even if you buy a can of pesticides, the can will offer specific instructions on how to properly use the product.  However, why run the risk of getting something wrong in your research?  Just call a professional.  An experienced pest control expert will be able to quickly determine what is going on in your home and how to efficiently deal with the infestation. Pest control servicemen will also be able to give you tips on how to prevent further infestations.  A can from the grocery store usually won’t tell you that type of helpful information.

They sell it at the Grocery Store, how Harmful can it Be?

Any chemical has the potential to do you and your family harm.  When working with chemicals that you are not knowledgeable of you run the major risk of getting something wrong and contaminating your home with such chemicals and can bring harm to pets, or even human members of your household.  By working with an experienced pest control company most of this risk is removed.  Just remember to ask the right questions and fully understand the procedure being done in your home.

This Can Should do the Trick

If your insect issue is surface level, like ants or buzzing house flies, yes, a can of pesticides may help solve your problem.  However, take not that when you set one of these cans off, the chemicals flow out like a mushroom cloud then settle on top of the areas surrounding the can’s placement.  The probability is high that insects may survive by crawling into cracks beneath the surface where the chemicals rest.

Let a Professional Help You Out

If you have experienced failure in store-bought pesticides or just want to rid your house of an infestation in the most efficient way, give Buzz Kill Pest Control a call today.  The pest control services that we offer are carried out by professionals strive who live up to the reputation that we carry as Dallas-Fort Worth’s premiere pest control service.

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Myths Busted: DIY Pest Control

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