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Pest Control Saves Summer In Dallas

Top 3 Pest Control Summer Wreckers

Texas summer is in full swing and it’s not just the people of Dallas rushing into their homes for a taste of cool AC.  Summer brings the need for home pest control because our outdoor friends like rodents, Mosquitoes, and other crawlers are eager to escape the heat as well.  Pest control can quickly become a problem in Dallas and Buzz Kill Pest Control is here to tell you what summer pests will try to become unwelcome guests in your home.

Summer Rodent Control

One of Texas’ most typical pests year-round are rodents.  During the summer, Mice and Rats get hot too and may want to find a nice corner of your home to claim.  Typical spots for rodents in the home include attics.  If you hear scurrying about or squeaks in the night through your ceiling, you may be in need of a pest control professional that specializes in rodent control.  Keep your wiring from being chewed on and your home disease-free by using a rodent control service to prevent rodents from taking over your life this summer.

Mosquito Control in Dallas

Common summer pests, especially during the more humid days of summer, are Mosquitoes.  Despite using body spray and repellent candles, Dallas homeowners still tend to find themselves bit up after a day of summer fun.  Adult female Mosquitoes are the biters that plague those of us on summer outings.  However harmless these bites may seem, Mosquitoes have the ability to transmit diseases such as malaria, West Nile, arthropod-borne viruses such as yellow fever, denge and encephalitis.

Texas is home to around 55 species of Mosquitoes, so taking a chance this summer should not be an option.  Use a home pest control company to tackle Mosquito control in your home.

Ant Infestations in Fort Worth

Pest control services also take care of ant infestations, one of the most well-known pest problems that occur all year long.  Summer is specifically a good time for ants to march into your home because of all of the delicious summer food you have been cooking for your invited guests.  In the summer, Carpenter Ants are not the only pests to worry about.  Red Fire Ants will build their mounds in your yard and one false step will deliver a multitude of stings that will make you wish you had used pest control services before the summer had begun.

Get Your Home Pest Control Services Done Right

With over 20 years of home pest control experience, Buzz Kill Pest Control has the skills to handle your summer pest problems.  We serve the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area and are ready to take care of your rodents, Mosquitoes, Fire Ants, and more.  Contact Buzz Kill Pest Control today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment for one of our specialists to come out and survey your home.  Don’t let Texas pests control your life, call us today to let us help you spend the rest of your summer relaxing, not getting rid of bugs and more.

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Top 3 Pest Control Summer Wreckers

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