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Should You Order Pest Control Services After the Holidays?

Before the holidays hit, it always makes sense to order pest control services to ensure that your family enjoys a bug and rodent-free home. But did you know that directly after the holidays your home is extremely vulnerable to infestation?

Here are some big reasons why we think you should always schedule pest control services when going into a new year.

Guests Can Bring Their Pests to You

We know that a lot of people aren’t traveling out of town for the holidays this year, but remember, those who do, can easily bring their pests into your home. Insects can hide in suitcases, bed sheets, and even gift boxes.

All it takes is a few unwelcome pests to silently set off a devastating infestation. So, it’s always best to schedule preventative pest control in order to make sure your home stays pest-free.

Your Delicious Meals May Have Attracted Unexpected Guests

Holiday meals are a tradition that everyone loves to celebrate at this time of year. However, with people going in and out of your home and the possibility of openings where insects and rodents can creep in, problems can arise.

The delicious smells of your holiday cooking and even tasty smelling decorations can quickly attract pests looking for a meal and a warm place to settle down and nest.

Decoration Cleanup is an Open Door to Infestation

Many people love to decorate the outside of their homes. While this is a great way to show your holiday spirit, it can still be a gateway to pests turning your home into their dwelling space.

Outdoor hanging lights are a breeding ground for spiders, and when you’re in a rush to stash away your decorations, you may forget to clean off your strands. Spider infestations happen quickly, so if you pack up in a rush, you’ll want to schedule some pest control services to keep our eight-legged friends away.

Pest Control Services can Help You Ring in the New Year

We’ve had a very unpredictable year, so ring in the new one with preventative pest services that allow you to start off 2021 in comfort.

The maintenance services that Buzz Kill Pest Control offers can keep pests away for up to three months! This gives you plenty of time to seal up any gaps in your home and prepare to protect yourself from pesky spring insects.

Keep Your Pest Infestations Under Control with  Buzz Kill Pest Control

If you’re a Fort Worth homeowner who needs some help getting a pest problem under control, Buzz Kill Pest Control can help! Our services can help with infestations like termites, ants, wasps, and rodents.

Don’t let the great outdoors take over your home in the new year. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get on our schedule.

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Should You Order Pest Control Services After the Holidays?

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