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Bed Bug Treatment

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

Have you ever stayed in a dirty hotel room and immediately wondered if the hotel beds have bed bugs? At some point or another, we’ve all had to stay in one of these hotels. What people don’t realize is that hotel room beds aren’t the only beds that can have bed bugs. They’re commonly found in our own beds at home. At Buzz Kill Pest Control, our pest control experts are keenly aware of infestations in people’s homes. We’re sharing with you the common signs of bedbug infestations.

Skin Itchiness

One of the first signs of bed bugs you may notice isn’t necessarily in your bed, but on your skin. Bed bugs, while very small, can still take a bite out of your skin. If you’ve noticed yourself itching more often and see small red bumps or swelling on your skin, then there’s a good chance bed bugs have set up camp in your bed. Pests like bed bugs multiply quickly, get a pest control specialist out to your home as soon as possible.

Exoskeleton of the Bed Bugs

Often times, bed bugs will shed their outer shell (the process of molting) and leave it behind. They’re smart enough to know not to march to your bed right in front of you, however they don’t remember to clean up the evidence. If you see small reddish brown shells lying on your mattress, there’s a good chance those are bed bug shells.

Bed Bug Excrement

Like all creatures, bed bugs have to deposit their digested meals somewhere and unfortunately bed bugs often choose your bed. Their fecal matter will resemble small dark dots. To make sure, take a damp paper towel and wet the dark spots. If they turn into a reddish brown color, then it’s bed bug droppings. When the water breaks down the droppings, the red color you’ll see is actually the digested blood of the bed bug’s victim. It’s safe to assume that you or someone in your household is the victim as well.

Bed Bug Eggs

While you might not be able to identify bed bug eggs, our bed bug exterminators certainly can. The eggs of these pests are clear with a sticky-like substance on them to help them stick to whatever piece of furniture they’ve decided to infest. The average female bedbug can lay up 200 eggs in her lifetime.

Let Buzz Kill Pest Control Rid You of Bedbugs

If you suspect the presence of bedbugs in your home, don’t wait to call us. These pests only multiply over time, costing you more money in the long run. Keep your family and your home safe from bedbugs, contact us today to learn more!

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Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

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