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Springtime Pest Control

Springtime Pest Control

Springtime in Dallas means spring showers. It also means that as our yards turn green and the flowers bloom, the pests and insects outside will multiply. To help keep your home and family safe, and enjoy a quality of life inside and outside your home, you’re going to need a good pest control service in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Ants in Your Yard and House

Many people ask why ants come into their homes during this time of year. One of the reasons is simple. When we get a good rain in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the ants outside begin to scramble for drier ground. That’s the same reason after a rain you may discover you have more ants in your yard than you thought. It’s normal for a home owner to look out into the yard after a good rain and see ant hills suddenly built higher in an effort to stay above the water. Once the ants venture into your home or business, they begin searching for food and water. This is the reason your kitchen is usually the area you’ll find them in. One good preventative habit to help minimize any invading ants to keep your kitchen clean. Always try to clean any crumbs off the table after eating. Check the floor under the dinner table as well to make sure it’s free of any food, which might have fallen off. Also, be sure any food in your pantry is sealed and secure.  Our professional applicators can handle ant extermination needs inside your home and treat any fire ant beds in your yard as well.

Mosquito Control in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Without any long freezes this past winter, it’s safe to expect plenty of mosquitoes this spring. Of course, mosquitoes are nothing new to North Texas. However, over the past few years Dallas and Fort Worth have seen the dangers from mosquitoes grow exponentially.  From what was once just an itchy nuisance during the Texas spring and summer has now developed into a potential life threatening situation. The Zika Virus appeared in Texas only a few years ago and has seen cases steadily rise each year since then. West Nile is another disease now present, and spread by mosquitoes, which can have wide ranging effects in humans. Buzz Kill Pest Control is a leader in providing Dallas/Fort Worth mosquito control for homes and businesses alike. We have several options for you to choose from including one-time spraying, monthly servicing or mosquito misting systems.

Springtime Pest Control for Home and Business

Springtime means pests may venture inside not only your home, but your business as well. Buzzkill Pest Control can handle both. Consider a preventative plan to not only kill what pests and bugs you have now, but also curtail any future hatchings.  We can talk and develop a preventative plan with you to fit your needs and help keep your home or business as bug free as possible. Contact us now to learn more about our pest control services in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

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Springtime Pest Control

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