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Spring Time Pest Control

Preparing for Spring Pests

Come March, most people are ready for spring. For many, it is their favorite time of the year. Spring is the respite from the long winter. The air is fresh and warm. Trees, bushes and flowers begin to bloom and the days of sunlight get longer. March is the reminder that all things spring are just around the corner…including the pests that come with the warm weather.


Most Common Pests In Dallas-Fort Worth

Often, noticing a few spring insects is a good thing. Why? Because seeing those few early pests alerts you to get the springtime pest control service done. It also is a reminder to get some things done around the house to prevent more pest problems.

The most common springtime pests are Asian beetles, lady bugs, earwigs, silverfish, stink bugs, spiders, ants, and flies of all sorts. Usually, these pests are looking for food and water sources. They are enjoying the warmer temperatures, just as you are, and are out searching. If you were on the ball and did some pest prevention in the fall, you shouldn’t see many of these. But, if the autumn pest prevention didn’t occur, there are some things to do now that will help to keep your home bug free.


Preventive Measures To Keep Pests Out

Starting with the outdoors:

  • Clean up your wood pile. Firewood stacked near the home attracts many pests, including termites and carpenter ants. Stack wood away from the side of the house and clean up any debris. Keep mulch at least 15” from the base of your home.
  • Trim any bushes or weeds from around the perimeter of the house and yard.
  • Check all or your door sweeps, widow screens and screened doors to be sure there are no tears or gaps. Also check any weather stripping.
  • Look for any areas that could be a spot of standing water. This would include clogged or leaky gutters, damaged downspouts, and leaky spigots.
  • Repair any damaged fascia or loose shingles on the roof.
  • Declutter the garage and shed, securing any gaps.

Moving indoors:

  • Fix any leaks in pipes, sinks, tubs or toilets. Dehumidify if necessary.
  • Declutter storage rooms, making sure storage boxes are closed and sealed. Also straighten the attic if any storage is done there.
  • Deep clean the kitchen. Clean off shelves in the panty and in cabinets, being sure that any spills are wiped away. Discard any stale food. Any open boxes should be stored in storage bags or sealed containers.
  • If possible, pull out appliances and clean under and behind them.
  • Clean any spot an insect or pest can get into for crumbs or water.
  • In your kitchen window frames, sprinkle a little cinnamon or cayenne pepper to keep the crawling pests away.

Buzzkill Pest Control Can Help Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Keeping a neat and tidy home and yard will help to keep the pests away. It seems like a lot of work, but doing an area a day will serve your home well in the long run. Having pest control done early in the spring will help control pests as the weather warms. Remember, pests aren’t only a problem in the spring. A year-round pest control service is the best plan of action for keeping your home pest free. Contact Buzz Kill Pest Control to service your home this spring and year-round. Give us a call to keep your home bug free.

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Preparing for Spring Pests

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