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April Is National Pest Management Month

More than 30 years ago, April was designated as National Pest Management Month.  It may have been created to pay respect to the people in the pest control industry, but it sure seems to be the most appropriate month because spring brings the pests out of winter hiding or hibernation.

At some point, every property owner will face the problem of how to get rid of unwanted pests. This can mean bugs, spiders, termites or rodents.  Pests can be a nuisance, but also may harbor bacteria and pathogens that can spread to humans and animals. Food can also become contaminated from unwanted pests.  This is why it is sometimes necessary to hire a professional pest control company.


Hire A Professional Pest Control Service

Your pest management professional is not just a person with a sprayer. The professionals have studied pests, knowing where to look for problems and how to treat them.  They have knowledge of interior and exterior pest problems.  Rodents and termites are a completely different issue than “bugs” and a professional is the best person for those jobs.  Pest control professionals understand the safest means to prevent infestations, considering pets and children inside of the home. The knowledge a pest control professional has is valuable. Your local pest control company is educated about what pests are common in your area, which ones are dangerous, and the best way to eliminate them.

Professionals Are Safer And More Effective

Pest control professionals are safer and much more effective.  While some property owners may feel that they can take care of an infestation by searching on the internet or watching a video, it is very possible that the property owner is causing more harm than good. Pests will learn how to hide better or how to divide the nest to reproduce. If a property owner mixes chemicals it could cause health issues for the humans inside.  In the long run, it will cost a property owner more money to treat and retreat than it will cost to hire a professional.  Ultimately, the property owner will probably still have a pest problem after a DIY treatment.

The best reason to use a pest control professional is the support the customer will receive. When hiring a pest pro, you have the reassurance that a treatment will be backed up by continuous support, recurring treatments and special services.  A pest control professional will take all necessary steps to eliminate the pests.


Buzz Kill Pest Control Is The Spring Cleaning Service For You

Your property is important to you, and your pest control professional respects your property, wanting to keep it bug and rodent free for you. Don’t wait until you are exhausted trying all the DIYs or until the damage is severe. Since this is National Pest Management month, it is time to contact your local pest control company Buzz Kill Pest Control, to manage your pests year-round with a service plan.

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April Is National Pest Management Month

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