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Spider Control Needed To Keep Spiders Out

Pests The Spring Rainy Season Brings

It is definitely spring in North Texas, and with spring we get showers and storms.  Annually, the Dallas/Fort Worth area experiences 80 days of precipitation, equaling about 36.14 inches of wet stuff.  March, April, and May are usually the rainiest, averaging almost 12” in those three months.  With the rainy season we get pests! Ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes and more. Some love the wet and others want in your home to get away from it.


What Home Owners Do To Prepare For Pests In The Rainy Season

Let’s start with ants. Many homeowners try to treat ants on their own, but instead of solving the problem, they actually make the problem worse. Often, home treatments end up dividing the nests, so the ant problem just doubles. Each type of ant must be treated with different strategies to eliminate them. Some need protein baits, while other require a sugar bait. The average person has no way of knowing which bait to use for effective ant control.  A guessing game is never the best way to treat an ant problem. A professional North Richland Hills exterminator is needed to eliminate them and create a barrier around your home, even deep into the soil so that the ants cannot tunnel into your home.


Keep Cockroaches Out During Spring Rains

Cockroaches will try to get into your home when wet conditions persist. Many are native to the outdoors. They may have been living under your yard mulch or under a shed floor, but when it is wet, they want to be dry. First of all, eliminate any “bridges” into your home, like branches from trees up against a window.  Having a professional spray around the base of walls, vents, doorways or any other crevice where insects can get in, will help keep the cockroaches at bay.


Practice Spider Control, Don’t Get Controlled By The Spiders

Springtime is breeding-time for most spiders, and most home owners want spiders outside.  House spiders are the ones most likely to be hanging around the dark corners of your home. House spiders are pretty much harmless, and probably have been hiding in your house all winter. The rainy spring will keep house spiders indoors, and send the outdoor ants into your home to stay dry. Since it is hatching season, those babies will be in your home as well.  As a homeowner, you can go looking in the dark corners of your home, storage areas, attic, unused rooms, and anywhere with good hiding spots like books and boxes. Go spider hunting with your vacuum and suck up any web or egg sac you find.  Then, always, empty your vacuum bag or canister so that they do not hatch inside of your vacuum.  If this sounds too scary or gross to you, do what most people do, call your local spider control professional to handle those spiders.


Prevent Mosquitoes From Taking Over Your Home This Spring

Now, about those mosquitoes. It is early in the year, but mosquito season begins in the DFW area in early March. Generally, mosquito activity will begin when the temperature reaches around 50 degrees.  As the temps rise, so does mosquito activity and population. So, it will not take long before we are wearing our bug spray and swatting at those pesky biters. There are 176 known mosquito species in the USA and they can pose a health problem to people and animals, such as West Nile virus and equine encephalitis. While it is early in the season, take some steps to avoid mosquito problems in your yard.  Remove any objects that collect water and allow it to stand, clean clogged gutters, and fill in any low lying areas. For your home, repair window screens and, repair any leaks or cracks.  If needed, put a bug light in your yard, but not near your patio or deck.


Buzz Kill Pest Control Can Help You Prepare For The Rainy Season

While most homeowners can perform preventative measures for pest control, it is best to have a professional pest control company treat your home.  A pest control professional has extensive knowledge of the pests in your area, their seasons, and the best way to protect your home and yard. Buzz Kill Pest Control is available for one-time treatments, or affordable maintenance programs. We offer both inside and outside pest control for all pests.  We have the best price for all of your pest control needs.  Make your spring pest-free, give us a call.

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Pests The Spring Rainy Season Brings

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