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Little Girl Has Allergies With Mosquitoes Bite And Itching Her Leg.

Top Advantages of In2Care Mosquito Traps

Spring is here and people are gearing up to get outside and enjoy the sun before a squelching summer hits. Unfortunately, the heat in Texas often attracts mosquitoes that like to crash any outdoor party people are having.

Although mosquito control is a popular way to keep mosquitoes away from a home, some people are always interested in more family-friendly alternatives. Enter the In2Care Mosquito Trap!

This unique product that we offer is great for homes, offices, and even the great outdoors. It’s made of purely recycled materials and helps keep pests away from your family while they enjoy the warmer seasons of Texas.

Activation is Easy!

In2care Trap
When you want a pest control product that makes your pests do all of the dirty work for you, In2Care Mosquito Traps are the way to go!

Our specialists will come to your home and install your mosquito traps wherever a mosquito infestation is prevalent. The beauty of the In2Care product is that the larvicide inside of the traps attracts mosquitoes inside. Once the larvicide is attached to the mosquito, the mosquito spreads it wherever it flies, effectively killing off any eggs it comes into contact with.

In2Care Traps Have an Extensive Treatment Range

Our In2Care Mosquito Traps may be small, but they pack a powerful punch. One mosquito trap will provide coverage for 4,000 square feet of your property. If your needs go beyond that range, we can help you place more traps to ensure effective coverage.

Treatment Lasts Longer

In2Care Mosquito Traps last longer than the standard spray treatment people use. In2Care traps are effective for four to six weeks. From there, maintenance is simple with us on your side.

Our technicians will also come out to your property every four weeks to refill the active ingredients of your traps!

Environmentally-Friendly Traps

One of the biggest advantages of In2Care Mosquito Traps is the fact that they are a purely green product. There are no toxic chemicals involved, so your family and surrounding environment will gain mutual benefits of cleaner air and fewer mosquitoes.

In2Care Mosquito Traps don’t attract bees and butterflies, so you can rest assured that helpful insects won’t be affected by this practice. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case with a spray treatment and is why so many homeowners have started switching over to environmentally-friendly means of mosquito control.

In2Care Targets Mosquitoes of All Sizes

From grown mosquitoes to larvae, the larvicide that mosquitoes in contact with our traps spread will kill off mosquitoes of all sizes between 8 and 10 days. As mosquitoes spend their days spreading the larvicide throughout their breeding grounds, you can be certain that your infestation will soon end, while birds and other animals stay safe from our natural pest control method.

Keep Mosquitoes Away This Spring with Buzz Kill Pest Control

If you are looking for a reliable way to kill off a mosquito infestation but don’t want to use toxic chemicals, Buzz Kill Pest Control can help.

Our professional pest control technicians can help you install In2Care Mosquito Traps wherever they are needed. Simplify pest control today with the help of Buzz Kill Pest Control. Contact us today to schedule our services.

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Top Advantages of In2Care Mosquito Traps

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