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Different Smells That Keep Pests Away From Your Property

We all know that smells like garbage or food left on a tabletop can be an open invitation for pests to creep inside and make themselves at home. But what most people don’t know is that there are several plant smells that actually repel bugs from a home.

Although pest control after the fact is a viable solution to the problem, many homeowners would like to find simple ways to ward off at least some of the pests that are native to their area.

Here are some of our scent-centric DIY bug repellent tips that you can use to keep your home as clean and void of pests as possible.


If you plan on hosting spring and summer barbecues this year and don’t want to rely on a citronella candle for protection against mosquitos, rosemary is the plant to keep in your flower bed.

Rosemary is a sweet herb that is safe to keep around your food and even rub on your body for added protection. So, if you know that mosquitos are typically a problem on your patio, it may be a good idea to start your herb garden now or schedule some preventative mosquito control from a local pest control company.

Peppermint Oils

Although it doesn’t keep all rats and mice away, peppermint oil is known to be a natural rodent repellent that can stave off an infestation until extermination is scheduled. Once you know where your pests are entering your home, spray or rub some peppermint oil in that area to serve as a scented barrier.

This non-toxic, natural smelling approach is a safe way to let rodents know that they aren’t welcome in your home. However, if you start to find further evidence of rodents scurrying around your property, rodent exclusion services are your best option for a permanent solution.

Bonus Tip: Not only is peppermint oil a decent rodent repellent, but it also helps keep away other pests like ants and flies.


If you love to eat garlic and don’t want to get bitten up by mosquitoes this summer, keep adding this ingredient to your foods with a side of breath mints for your friends and family. When you eat garlic in your meals and your body ingests it, the garlic then exits your body through your sweat glands. Although your breath may be the most pungent at the table, you can bet that the barrier the garlic and your body have formed will keep mosquitoes far from your vicinity.

While this tip may not primarily keep mosquitoes away from your home, it can repel them from your body; which in our opinion, is the bigger win!


Lavender is a smell that most people can agree is a pleasant one. However, the pests on your property have a far different opinion on the topic. Whether you rub oils in active insect areas of your home or simply leave dried-up lavender around your property, this natural, non-toxic solution is good for keeping away pests like flies, fleas, and moths.

Call in Buzz Kill Pest Control if Your Infestation Persists?

Sometimes you may think you have caught a problem early, but the reality is that you just found a few pests that left a much bigger nest in your home.

If you suspect an infestation and natural efforts aren’t keeping the problem away, it’s time to call in a professional pest control company. At Buzz Kill Pest Control, we have the experience to handle infestations of any size and type. Our process exterminates your pests and keeps future infestations from occurring.

We are ready to help you take control of your home again. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and project estimate.

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Different Smells That Keep Pests Away From Your Property

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