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How Should You Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment?

How Should You Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bugs are vile insects that live to prey on our blood while we are at our most vulnerable. No one should have to live with bed bugs crawling through their sheets, mattresses, and pillowcases; and that’s why bed bug treatment is one of the more popular services we provide.

However, in order for our treatment to truly make a positive impact on your home, we require some commitment on the client’s end before we start the actual work. 

Find out what you need to do to ensure smooth sailing once we’re done with our pest control treatment on your property.

Be Ready to Completely Strip Down Your Living Space

If your home is cluttered, it’s going to be difficult for our team to effectively get rid of your bed bugs. Take some time to clear out your items, trash what you don’t need, and make sure that all surfaces are easily accessible. 

For items you end up saving, double bag them after making sure that they aren’t also an infected candidate for treatment.

Some examples of items you may want to consider double-bagging before treatment include the following: 

  • Books 
  • Electronics
  • Children’s Toys

Wash, Wash, Wash!

Wash all clothing, sheets, bedding, and pillowcases in the affected area. These items should be washed in hot water and dried on high heat to kill off the bed bugs that may dwell on them. 

Once your clothes are washed, we want them bagged and moved to a safe area or quarantined area. 

Customers should take items from the affected room directly to the washing machine as opposed to piling the clothes up in the laundry room or the hallway. Once washed, put the clothing and bedding in bags and place them in the quarantined area. 

This gives your tech the freedom to move through the room and effectively treat your problem. Other items like books and electronics can be placed in bags or bins and kept in the room.

Put Your Vacuum to Work

Essentially, whichever cushions and carpets call the treatment room “home” will have to be thoroughly vacuumed before treatment. Vacuuming before treatment can help remove larger clumps of bed bugs before we start our work. Bed bugs are tricky business, so it’s going to take a team effort to get them completely out of your home.

Be prepared to vacuum the following before a bed bug treatment:

  • Mattress
  • Box Spring
  • All Floors and Carpets
  • Couches. Cushions, and Recliners

After you’ve vacuumed make sure to trash the vacuum bag and directly dispose of it outside of your home to prevent further spread of your bed bug infestation.

Make Arrangements to Leave Your Home During Treatment

The treatment process takes around four hours and direct exposure to you and your pets is extremely dangerous. So our tip for pest control is to plan a day out or prepare to stay at a relative’s home while our team is on the job. 

Having a plan will ease the stress of getting your family out of the house when the big day arrives.

What if You Don’t Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment?

Unfortunately, if you don’t prepare your home for bed bug treatment, your valuables could become damaged or ruined. Even worse, failure to properly prepare your home could result in the bed bugs spreading and your problems multiplying amongst other rooms of your home. 

In short, take a weekend or two before your scheduled services and make sure that your living space is completely ready for our technicians when they arrive.

Vacate Bed Bugs From Your Home, Fast, with Buzz Kill Pest Control

If you have bed bugs or any other pest infestation that has created a health hazard in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Dallas-Fort Worth extermination professionals.

At Buzz Kill Pest Contro our tried and tested services have successfully cleared out thousands of homes across the Metroplex and could be the answer to your problem.We are ready to make your house a pest-free home again. Contact us today to schedule our pest control services.

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How Should You Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment?

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