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Kitchen Pest Prevention

Top Fall Pest Prevention Tips

The fall weather brings a cool chill with it that starts to get people bundled up and staying indoors. With modern services like Netflix and Hulu, it is no surprise that as the weather cools down, more families are opt to stay with each other inside for warmth. This family time is all well and fun until the sounds of mice in the attic can be heard squeaking above the family conversation.

Your home is not only inviting to your family, but to other creatures and pests that want to enjoy its warmth. These pests can wreak havoc during the cool weather by making nests in walls, chewing up drywall and more. Here are some of our top tips for handling fall pest prevention.

1. Put Up Screens for Pest Prevention

During the summer, screen doors were a great way to keep your house cool without letting pesky bugs and other critters into your home. Now that the weather has begun to cool, screens are also a way to keep furry “friends” out of your home. Take the time this fall to screen up your attic vents and chimney openings so that no one decides to drop in on your next family hang-out.

2. Keep the Firewood Away from Your Home

Firewood is an amazing thing during cooler weather, but who also enjoys firewood? Pests. We suggest that you store your firewood at least 20 feet away from the home in order to reduce the chance of pests finding their way inside of your home.

3. Always Inspect Before Bringing Things into the Home

During cooler weather we start to bring out our decoration boxes or go shopping at craft stores that tend to use a lot of natural products in their goods that they sell.  Before bringing down your decorations or bringing something new into your North Richland Hills home, always check your boxes and bags for insects or mice who may be lurking in the container as their latest place to sleep.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

If pests are so eager to use your attic as a bedroom, then you should not be surprised to know that they are just as eager to call your kitchen a place of their own as well. Keep your kitchen counters clean, make sure that your pantries are stocked with airtight solutions, and don’t let your garbage build up for too long.

Also, avoid leaving out your pet’s food dishes. Remember that pests are also attracted to pet food as well as human food.

Still Have Unwanted Pests? Buzzkill Pest Control can Handle Them

If you are a North Richland Hills homeowner that has tried each fall to keep pests out an inevitably failed, then Buzzkill Pest Control can help you out. We are a full-service pest control company that handles everything from rodents to ants. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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Top Fall Pest Prevention Tips

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