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Kill Your Pest-Induced Allergies This Spring

While the weather may still be cold, the allergens are on the rise in Texas as we prepare for the spring months. As you prepared for the cooler months, it’s now time to start thinking about getting ready for the spring and all it brings – sunshine, outdoor weather, and the rise of pests. Take a deeper look at what could be causing your runny nose and watery, scratchy eyes – it could be a pest infestation.

Different pests could be a big contributor to your spring allergies, and certain pests can even cause asthma. Approximately 50 million Americans have issues with allergies, and it’s estimated that an additional 25 million people are asthmatic. While maintaining a pest-free home has many health benefits, preventive measures year-round are encouraged, and Buzz Kill Pest Control is here to help with expert pest exterminators! If a pest-infested home and an emergency pest control call are not part of your new year plans, here are a few ways to keep out insects and rodents:

Which Pests Cause Allergies?

The most common pest that cause serious allergies and asthma-related problems are

  • Rodents:

Pests like mice and rats carry disease and bacteria. Rodents are not pests you want living in your house for long periods of time, and your local pest control service Buzz Kill Pest Control can provide assistance in rodent control and removal. Look for warning signs, such as food crumbs around the kitchen, droppings and gnawed wire or food containers.

  • Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are notorious for carrying allergens, they carry the allergens through their salvia and feces. Children are most commonly affected by cockroach infestations. If you are finding cockroach exoskeletons or feces, then get in touch with the pest control professionals at Buzz Kill Pest Control.

  • Dust Mites:

Dust mites are microscopic, in that they lay dormant and live in places such as your curtains, bed sheets, linens and carpets. You can determine if you have dust mites when a member of your home develops asthma symptoms in a certain room of the house.

  • Stinging Insects:

As the nicer weather approaches, these stinging insects are starting to come out and create their nests. Don’t let your home become a place for them to dwell; if you or anyone of your house members has an allergy to a stinging insect it could be fatal. Using a pest control company like Buzz Kill to remove a nest or eliminate the stinging insects around your house could save you from serious allergies (and your life).

What Should I Do If I See A Pest?

Every aspect of the pest, even it’s decomposing body, can and will become a component of your home’s dust, which can lead to allergic reactions and an asthma attack if not properly treated. It’s not enough to simply treat the problem. You will also need to thoroughly clean your entire home after the pest treatment from Buzz Kill has been completed.

The NPMA (National Pest Management Association) recommends the following tips for safeguarding homes against pests that cause asthma and allergies:

  • Keep foods sealed and contained
  • Clean your sheets and linens regularly
  • Vacuum and dust often
  • Take out trash regularly.
  • Seal interior and exterior cracks in walls.
  • Mend tears or breaks in window and vent screens

When That’s Still Not Enough, Trust in Buzz Kill Pest Control

While all of the tips above will help you stay pest-free for the upcoming spring season, the most effective method of pest control is hiring a professional pest control company. Scheduling a pest control service visit as part of your regular home maintenance can prevent a future pest problem and/or treat a current pest problem that you may not have been aware of. Contact us at Buzz Kill Pest Control today to get started!

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Kill Your Pest-Induced Allergies This Spring

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