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Category: Pest of the Month

Common Christmas Tree Bugs That Ruin Your Cheer!

Common Christmas Tree Bugs

Thanksgiving will soon be gone and many people are gearing up to purchase their Christmas tree once the turkey hangover […]

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Pests of the New Year Part Two: Roaches AND Rodents?!?!

Pest Control Near Me

Pests of all kinds want to be in your house when temperatures drop—raccoons and rodents will damage walls and wiring […]

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Pests of the New Year: Roaches AND Rodents?!?!

Roach And Rodent Control

As cold weather continuously sweeps in and out of North Texas, insects and rodents will clamber into your home looking […]

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Pest of the Month: Ravaging Rodent Control

Rat Exterminator North Richland Hills TX

You’re about to wage war on rodents! They’re not just a nuisance; they pose serious health risks. In this guide, […]

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Fall Pests: These Crickets Are Crazy!

Insect Control

  Here at Buzz Kill Pest Control, we know that your memories of hot summer nights probably include the sound of […]

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It’s a Bee! Or is it a Wasp? Dallas Pest Control Company Explains the Difference

Dallas Pest Removal Bee Or Wasp

Barbecues, pool parties, picnics, kayaking, camping – summer is full of exciting outdoor activities that keeps us yearning for the […]

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Pest of the Month: Termites


The past few weeks have shown that May weather in Texas is as unpredictable as ever. It is not uncommon […]

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