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Mosquito Control In Texas: Misting System And Mosquito Spray

Floods and Rain Cause Heavy Need for Pest Control in Dallas and Fort Worth

Texas is known for its unpredictable weather, and last month proved this at another level. With over 35 trillion gallons of rain across the state, we broke May records for the most rainfall in Texas history. Prior to this, Texas had yet to fully recover from the 2011 drought that resulted in wildfires and impacted farmers and ranchers state-wide. With the drought finally behind us and fields greener than ever, the recent rainfall has brought lots of good to our beautiful state. However, our furry and creepy crawly friends have benefitted as well.

Rising Waters Are A Vehicle for Pests into Your Home

If you have fire ants in your home or have caught a few cockroaches here and there, you can thank the recent rainfall and flooding. In fact, the floods have welcomed all kinds of pests, including mosquitos, roaches, fire ants, reptiles, spiders, and rats.

Wherever you find water, you are sure to find mosquitos as well. This insect needs water in order to procreate. Female mosquitos deposit eggs onto moist surfaces as well as standing water. Hence, flooded waters are the perfect environments for mosquitos to lay their eggs and rapidly multiply their population. In other words, even if that small flood in the neighborhood has evaporated, chances are you will be sharing your backyard, and possibly your home, with the vampire-like bugs.


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Floods not only attract certain pests; they also serve as a vehicle. The rain and flooding have flushed out rats, mice, and snakes out of their rural, natural habitats and into more populated suburbs. While this may sound like a sad situation for rodents, they do not hesitate to find new homes and restart their lives. If you find a rat or rodent around your home where you have not seen one before, contact a pest control company immediately. One rat can multiply into 200 within just one year. If proper measures aren’t taken, you could find a colony of rats occupying your yard in no time at all. Timely rodent removal will eliminate the chances of this happening.

Roaches, spiders, and fire ants are also displaced from their habitats when faced with wet conditions. The wet earth forces them to find dry ground and a warm, moisture-free home like yours is the ultimate refuge for them. Fire ants may make it into your home, but the real danger to you and your family is in your yard. The wet ground poses a serious danger to their colony. To protect themselves, they work to build large mounds above ground to keep their hives dry. Accidentally stepping into one of these mounds will prompt an attack that could leave you with swollen, stung legs for weeks. If you or someone in your family happens to have an allergic reaction to this, it could result in a much more severe reaction. A home pest control service can evaluate the problem and prescribe the best fire ant killer to keep them away.

Drying Ground: A Heaven for Pests

The heavy showers left us with elevated waters that still have not fully evaporated, even two weeks later. As we dry out, the moist land is a haven for all types of insects, motivating them to flock to cities such as Dallas. Pests whose populations were rebounding are now going to take advantage of the time to mate. In fact, 2015 could be such a bountiful year for insects that it may carry on into 2016. The increasing populations of insects will bring a bigger need for pest control than Texas has seen for years.

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Floods and Rain Cause Heavy Need for Pest Control in Dallas and Fort Worth

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