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Black Widow Spider

Pest of the Month: Black Widow Spider Extermination

As the warm summer weather ends, the foliage begins to turn its autumn shades of reds and browns and the activities of insects begins to change, the pest control in Dallas Fort Worth areas begins to shift its focus to spider extermination.

Specifically, the month of October is known for a lot of activity with our creepy crawly, eight legged friends known as spiders. Especially in North Texas, the Black Widow Spider is very alive and active. After they complete their reproduction stages, October is the month that the number of black widow spiders is at its highest.

Characteristics of Black Widow Spiders

Known for being the most venomous spider in all of North America, it is important to be able to determine a black widow spider over any other type of spider. The size of a black widow is usually one half inch in length, long thin legs with a shiny black body and they have a large oval shaped abdomen. The females typically, but not always, have a red hourglass shape on the underside of the abdomen. Their colors are most often a shiny black, but they could also be shades of brown or mottled brown and white.

As you start your fall yard cleaning and putting up your Halloween decorations, be on the lookout for their strong, yet formless woven webs that are typically close to ground levels. Oftentimes they weave their webs in drain pipes, outdoor sheds, and beneath rocks or wood materials; they prefer dark and even moist places to inhibit.

Black Widow Reproduction

During the reproduction stages, a black widow spider can produce up to nine egg sacs, and each egg sac contains an average of 300 to 400 eggs. These egg sacs are usually one half inch wide and have a smooth surface just like their bodies. Once the fresh hatched spider-lings emerge from the egg sac, they stay very close to it for a couple of days. As young black widows they are not poisonous, but they will often eat one another, so not all of the spider-lings survive after emerging from the sac. Once a few days have passed, they climb to higher points; they then release a strand of web and thrust themselves to a new location and continue growth and start fending for themselves.

This point is that black widow spiders are inhibiting our properties in North Texas at large numbers, and it is important to be aware of their presence and very cautious of them.

Experience the Safety of Efficient Pest Control

As your expert in Dallas pest control and the importance of protecting yourself and your family, it is strongly encouraged that you understand the dangers of the black widow spider. Black widow spiders are the most dangerous in the area because they inject a neurotoxin when they bite, and the effect of their bite is very serious and can even be fatal if not treated quickly and properly. A black widow bite results in high levels of pain that can take many days to dissipate. Spiders of all types can be bothersome, especially in large numbers.

If you have any concerns of any type of spider infestation on your property, contact your Dallas-Fort Worth pest control company, Buzz Kill Pest Control, handle all of your spider control needs, especially if you are having issues with black widow spiders.

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Pest of the Month: Black Widow Spider Extermination

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