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Pest of the Month: Roof Rat

Roof Rat Dallas Texas Pest Control

After this cold snap in the Dallas Fort Worth area some people have noticed some unwanted visitors in their house.  All […]

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Pest of the Month: Black Widow Spider Extermination

Black Widow Spider

As the warm summer weather ends, the foliage begins to turn its autumn shades of reds and browns and the […]

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Pest of the Month: Wasps

Wasp Nest Colony Removal

As a predatory flying insect which are similar to bees, wasps are a benefit to the environment. Some wasp species […]

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Weather permitting, Dallas to spray in parts of city seeing significant increases in mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus


But that’s not stopping the city of Dallas, which plans on spraying for mosquitoes in a handful of neighborhoods from […]

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